WWE Slams the Super Bowl

This year’s Super Bowl was viewed by over 100 million people, a huge number despite having one of the worst total viewing figures for the event in recent times. Due to the vast number of viewers, brands have an incredible opportunity to think outside of the box (or ring) when it comes to capitalising on their marketing and promotion.

Viewers of the Superbowl are often more interested in the commercials and half time show than the football game itself.

Halftime Show vs Halftime Heat

During a live show of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) a savage attack was launched against the Super Bowl, especially on Adam Levine who frontlines the pop band Maroon 5. The wrestling federation put up a video saying “At halftime, why watch this? When you can watch this!” this was paired with sound effects of crowds jeering and an unflattering picture of the lead singer.

The WWE were advertising their Halftime Heat Show, which last aired twenty years ago, when Hall of Famer Mankind fought Hollywood Superstar ‘The Rock’ for the WWF Heavyweight Championship. This year’s contest was not as star studded but did feature some of the best up and coming talent including Aleister Black, Velveteen Dream, Ricochet, Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa and Adam Cole in a six-man tag team match.

Social Media Streaming

This match was streamed live during the half time Superbowl show on the official WWE Network platform, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts.

This unique promotion by the WWE gave viewers of the Super Bowl an alternative option during the Superbowl half time period, not only is it a great marketing initiative it is also a clever way to attract possible new viewers to the future shows.

It is a great example of taking advantage of major events like this and in general targeting consumer markets who may have similar interests to yours, you don’t always have to keep to your industry for inspiration and target consumer groups.


In summary, this may be a desperate marketing stunt by a struggling WWE but with many people labelling Maroon 5’s half time performance one of the “worst ever” many viewers may have been grateful for this opportunity.

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