Work Experience in COVID

2020 has been a strange one. Firstly, sitting my exams at home, then graduating at home, and then for the past month, undertaking work experience from home. I think it’s safe to say, I am now a WFH expert, and I am well versed with the pros and cons that come with this. For some context, my personality is best described as shy at first but give me a couple of days, and I’ll be the loudest person in the office. My first day (from home) at Climb Online was exciting yet nerve-wracking. I made my cup of coffee and sat anxiously waiting for my first Monday morning Zoom meeting to start  

laptop and stationary on a desk

First, I was interviewed by Mark who asked weird and wonderful questions such as what sunglasses I usually wear, which brought me into the team and I soon I felt confident and ready to start, even thinking to myself that I love working from home, I am already my usual confident self! However, I soon realised that not being around my colleagues in the office, and only having one meeting a week with the whole team, means it can seem hard to make an impression.   

Having studied Marketing at University, I came into work-life thinking I would know how everything works. However, in reality, I only knew the theoretical terms and techniques used. Working at Climb Online has made everything I learnt come to life. It has taught me the importance of experience, and that experience can be taught. I can confidently say without a doubt that everyone at Climb Online will take an interest in you, will want you to succeed and are eager to pass on their knowledge. You might think that working from home would jeopardise your experience, but not at Climb Online!

During my work experience, I worked predominantly with Louie Cameron on email marketing, learning about CRO (conversion rate optimisation) and email flows. From the get-go, I loved every task I was assigned. Louie was the perfect mentor showing me the ropes, introducing me to others, explaining everything in detail and answering any questions I had. I joined Climb Online at a very busy and exciting time, Cyber Week. This meant that my work was focussed on creating email sends. For this, I was taught how to use Canva to create original and unique designs which I absolutely loved. Creating content, getting feedback, making changes, and watching the email being put together in Klaviyo and finally sent out was such an exciting experience. I found it incredibly motivating that something that I had helped to make was being used and was doing well. Louie always made sure that even though we were working from home, I felt included in the work environment. Sometimes this simply meant working on our own tasks whilst being on call with each other. This is a practical work from home strategy which keeps motivation high, ensuring you are getting the best experience possible of what working in the office environment would be like. Overall, the time I spent at Climb Online flew by, and I enjoyed every second of it.   

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