Blogging for Business: Why Your Website Should Have a Business Blog

Do people still read blogs? Yes, they do.

In fact, more than 409 million people read more than 23.7 billion pages of blogs each month. And yet, businesses don’t always seem to realise the advantages of blogging for business. Just 36% of Fortune 500 businesses actually have a business blog themselves.

What does this mean? It’s an opportunity for your business to get ahead of your competition by setting up a blog yourself.

Want to discover more reasons why blogging for business makes sense? Let’s go!

1. Increased Web Traffic

Blogging is an important part of creating SEO content for your website. By improving your search engine ranking you can increase the amount of web traffic directed your way.

Make sure your blog content is SEO optimised. That doesn’t mean stuffed with keywords.

You also have to make sure your content is engaging, interesting and relevant to your target audience. If this is achieved, you’ll experience an increase in website traffic heading in your direction. The more traffic, the more conversions.

2. Personalise Your Brand

We are increasingly alienated from the adverts companies are throwing at us.  How can you connect and communicate with your target audience in an effective manner?

The answer is via business blogging. Your blog is an opportunity to show your personality and values. You stop talking about your products and services constantly. You start engaging your audience in a new way.

Studies have shown that blogs are the fifth most trusted source of information on the internet. This represents an important chance to create trust and credibility in the eyes of the consumer.

3. Support Social Media Activities

By writing a blog you provide yourself with excellent content for your social media networks.

You need to keep your audience engaged with your social media activities. Blog posts give you customers original content rather than just sharing links and replying to messages.

Social media is also another great method of driving traffic to your website. It’s difficult to do this without tempting your audience with free content.

If you also send out a regular newsletter email, your blog post gives you even more content to send out to your subscribers.

4. Become an Influencer in Your Niche

People are always searching for sources of expertise and experience in your niche or industry. Your blog is your opportunity to establish yourself as an influencer or an authority in the business.

You can comment on industry news and developments. You can make predictions about the future of the business.

This develops further trust with your target audience.

5. Increase Conversion Rate

When you demonstrate that you’re knowledgeable about your industry, you increase your conversion rate. Have you ever encountered a website with a blog which hasn’t been updated for months and months?

That’s a poor sign of the performance of the business. You can show your target audience that you’re engaged and thrive with regular content. Therefore, maintaining a blog requires total effort and commitment. You can’t be careless with this if you want to build trust.

The simple act of increasing the number of landing pages on your website could improve your conversion rate significantly.

6. Support Link Building

Link building is important if you want to rise up the search engine results pages. How can you persuade other websites to link to you without a blog? You can’t!

Company websites with high-performing blogs generate 97% more inbound links than other websites. It makes sense really. If other players in your niche or industry like your content, they’re going to link to you more often.

This functions as referrals to your company’s website as far as search engines are concerned.

7. Include SEO Keyword Content

How can you include SEO optimised keyword content without a blog? You may be able to include some keywords in your ‘About Us’ page. But, it’s much more difficult to include specific long-tail keywords without a blog.

For example, blogs provide the perfect opportunity to generate ‘top 10’ articles and ‘how to’ posts.

8. More Content, More Leads

We know that that the more web pages your website has, the more leads you generate. If you compare a website with 51-100 pages of blog content compared with one with 401-1000 pages, the different is six times as many leads.

The more content you create, the more leads you’ll generate.

9. Contribute to the Conversation

Nowadays, businesses don’t engage in one-way traffic. Blogging is not only about producing content for your audience to read and share.

It’s also about contributing to the conversation in your field of expertise. You need to encourage your audience to comment on your posts and give feedback.

What do they like or dislike? Do they disagree or agree with your views?

This allows you to better understand your target customer. You can learn from the feedback they provide and better meet their needs and wants.

10. Stay Up-to-Date

Information and ideas move at the speed of light.

By blogging on a regular basis, you can ensure you’re at the forefront of the developments in your niche. You’re creating interesting and relevant content as news stories develop in your field.

Best of all, Google rewards fresh content too.

Start Blogging for Business Now

Now you know why your business website needs a blog, what are you waiting for? Get started now! You need to take advantage of blogging for business to show your target audience that you’re engaged in the field.

You will improve your brand awareness and visibility while also establishing yourself as an authority in your niche. If you want to know more about how to market your business through blogging, contact us for help and support.

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