Why Marketing Companies are Going Digital

Marketing companies have hit a crossroads in recent years.

Consumers are using traditional media less, as television and newspaper rates continue to decline. As this happens, internet access and usage have continued to grow, with nine out of ten households in Great Britain having internet access.

With digital media trending upward, it makes sense for marketers to follow. But where are people going in the digital world, and what are they doing there?

We’ve put together a guide that lays out why marketing companies are going digital. Read on to discover how marketers – and you – can leverage the digital world into the next great marketing opportunity.

Social Media is Growing

The digital world is becoming the planet’s gathering place, with nearly three and a half billion people now on social media. For Great Britain specifically, two-thirds of adults are using social media.

With so many people online, social media is becoming the place for brands to reach people, and for people to reach brands. Routinely, more and more consumers are using social media to interact with brands and find new ones.

That’s a huge reason why marketing companies are turning their attention to digital marketing. It’s where the people are, and where they actually want to interact.

Because of this, marketers are looking to improve the overall social media presence of their clients.

Social media is an important opportunity to build and communicate a brand. Through content and interactions with consumers, brands can show off a consistent voice that attracts and speaks to target audiences.

This branding can solidify a company or organization as a leader in their field – one that can be trusted by potential customers. When people come across a brand with a strong social media presence and voice, they can feel more confident in trusting it.

Likewise, a company or organization with weak social media accounts can come across as one that has little to say or offer. People may even wonder if a brand is still in business if their social media accounts aren’t active and posting regularly.

However, while there’s a lot we can say about social media, social media strategy does not encompass all of digital marketing. Marketing companies are also focused on building up client websites because…

More People are Searching for Information Online

Another big reason why marketing companies are going digital is that the vast majority of people are looking for answers in the digital world.

In fact, 77 percent of individuals in Great Britain use the internet to find information on goods and services. Across the pond, over 90 percent of online Americans spend time using a search engine.

As research shows, more and more people are looking for information and help online than ever before. And that’s where marketing agencies come into play.

Marketing companies are focusing their strategies on putting their clients in front of people searching for relevant goods or services.

They’re doing this in large part with content marketing.

Content like blog posts are being created to provide the answers that people are looking for. This draws them in and creates trust.

A person searching for answers on why their roof leaks can come across a roofing company’s blog post on the matter, learn how that company can help them, and can easily reach out to the company since the consumer is already at their website.

Even if the content is not directly leading to sales, it can still help draw more people in.

By providing potential customers with valuable content, marketing companies bring more people to clients’ websites. Move website traffic means better SEO, which means that links to clients’ websites will appear higher in search results.

That means that even if someone is drawn to a client’s website, but doesn’t buy anything, their visit still may make it more likely for other potential customers to find this client.

This can lead to a higher chance of sales, which is great because…

More People are Buying Online

Marketing companies are changing their focus to digital because that’s where more and more money is being spent.

The research bears this out, as over 80 percent of UK retail purchases are made online, and 51 percent of UK consumers prefer to shop online instead of in a physical store.

By focusing their efforts online, marketing companies are meeting consumers where they are shopping.

While a large part of this marketing is through content, another tool marketing companies use are advertisements. However, digital ads differ from television or print ads in a big way.

Digital ads stand out because they can be targeted directly towards a preferred audience.

Marketing agencies can focus their ads towards people who are looking for products or services similar to what their clients offer.

They can even provide ads that follow potential customers who visit a client’s website but don’t buy anything. This makes it easy for people to remember a marketing company’s client, and make their way back to the client’s website.

Marketing Companies (Like us) Can Help You Go Digital

As we have discussed, digital marketing is full of rich opportunities to stand out and reach consumers. However, making the most of these opportunities takes time, energy, and expertise.

If you have that, we wish you the best. If not, we’re here to help.

Our marketing company lives to help your brand grow with services that will allow you to rule the digital sphere.

Reach out today to learn how we can help your marketing, so you can focus on providing the best products and services you have to offer.

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