Why is Mobile Marketing So Important?

Mobile marketing is important. But why, you may ask? The Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey of 2018 reported that smartphones are the most used internet devices. Approximately 45% of the customers who took part in the survey felt the need to check their phone.

We live in a digital world and the advancements will only get bigger and better. There is a lot of information directed towards customers a communication challenge for most companies.

Thus, check out this guide to learn the importance of mobile marketing.

Why Mobile Marketing?

The technological developments in the marketing world make marketing campaigns more effective. You can inform, persuade and remind your customers about your product or service. Mobile advertising is an important method of marketing because of the following reasons:

A Large Online Audience

Think about it: if you set up an outdoor banner, you would have to rely on foot traffic. The potential customers that walk or drive past the banners may not notice them and take action.

Mobile traffic gives you an even larger audience by doing mobile advertising. Mobile devices are smaller, more portable and more accessible than laptops and computer. This offers a golden opportunity to reach your target market.

SMS Has a Higher Open Rate Than Emails

Most promotional emails may end up in the spam folder. Also, the receiver may not bother to open and read them.

Short Message Service (SMS) offers a better chance of reaching to your prospective customers in an appealing way. Marketing content sent via SMS has a high opening rate (98%) and since it has a shorter reading time, 90% of the people will read it.

Customers Shop Online

When a customer is shopping online, they look for the exact thing they want and also do comparisons. A good way of capturing the attention of such customers is engaging in mobile campaigns. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and automated marketing increases company brand visibility.

It is best to develop a website which is easy to navigate, even in the mobile version. This gives your customers an easy and enjoyable experience. It also increases the chances of a ready customer completing the purchase.

Personal Approach

Mobile advertising provides you with a personal approach to marketing, unlike other types of marketing strategies. Mobile devices are personal accessories and the mobile-owners often hold and access it.

Mobile adverts bring about a different psychological effect on customers. It also gives you the chance to have the closest approach and impact possible as you target your audience.

Types of Mobile Marketing

There are different types of mobile marketing that you may use in your advertising strategy:

  • SMS marketing involves sending promotional text messages to the customer. Due to data privacy rules, it is a permission marketing strategy.
  • MMS has a similar approach like that if SMS marketing, but it includes slideshows in graphics in text, audio, video or image form.
  • App-based marketing involves the use of business applications. This lengthens the usage and interaction time for your clients and target market.
  • Mobile web-based marketing is a strategy which focuses on searches (voice-based and mobile) to increase the search engines ranking of the site.
  • Proximity marketing offers advertising content related to the specific site that customer visits.
  • Location-based (GPS) marketing targets the device holder when they are in a specific location. It is most effective when a customer has set their phone location on. You can then take advantage of such a moment to alert the customer about a business in the location they are in at that moment.
  • Voiced-based marketing allows you to have agents calling the customer to inform them about your product, service or available offers.
  • QR codes are designed to increase customer engagement. The images are scanned after which the user is directed to a specific web page or app.
  • Micro-moment marketing capitalizes in trending topics and opportunities. It uses such opportunities to provide friendly content to the target market by use of specific keywords.
  • Mobile-adapted advertising strategies help in increasing the visibility of your brand. The content communicated is in mobile-specific formats such as page level ads and in-app advertisements.

The Role of Social Media in Mobile Marketing

Social media platforms such as Facebook also realize the need for companies to reach their target market via their sites or apps. Social media has gain popularity over the years to the mobile presence.

Paid adverts are available and you can target your potential customers. Your marketing campaign can be tailored to reach a specific segment, depending on their age, location, and gender.

Smart Marketing Includes Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones are the first place where customers go to when they are looking for information. Smart marketers know that mobile marketing is not a passing trend. It is an important aspect of a business.

You need to get it right, regardless of a large or small budget. Such campaigns are known to be very effective and have high return on investment. It is worth mentioning that Google came up with the Mobilegeddon update.

In this update, the mobile search rankings are affected and companies which do not actively engage in mobile marketing are penalized. Google mentioned the need to have sites to be mobile-friendly and responsive.

Companies which do not follow these guidelines end up being pushed lower in the search ranking. Therefore, there is a need for you to do a mobile-based marketing campaign and digital branding.

Experience the Digital Climb with Us

Mobile marketing is a great way to get your brand noticed. To achieve this, you will need the services of a reliable digital marketing agency. We ensure that the message lands on the right platform and ensure your brand gets noticed.

The future of your business lies in your hand. The hand-held devices provide the best way to reach your customers. Our team of experts will meet and exceed your expectations.

To get started on your digital campaign, contact us soon!

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