Ever wondered what it’s like to work at Climb Online?

You’ve heard it all before, right? A fun, young digital marketing agency, football table, flexi working options and free beer on Friday afternoons (one of the best perks I must say). But, while that’s all amazing and is a huge part of the culture we’ve created, we’re so much more than that.


The Digital Industry

Working in the digital industry and a start-up is not for everyone. If you have ever worked in a start-up, I’m sure you will agree that every day is different and not one day is the same in the office. The fast-paced environment in digital pushes the team to be constantly innovative, move fast and perform well under pressure. However, at Climb Online we have built a culture that makes our staff feel relaxed, able to work creatively and most importantly enjoy the fast pace of things, rather than for it to create stress or unnecessary pressure.


“The thing that I like the most about Climb Online is the people. It has such a family feel which makes it a fantastic environment to work in” Dilen Patel – Head of Paid Search


Football and Free Beer?

You might be wondering what our secret is to this? If it’s not the football table and the free beer. The reason is simple; our focus is people first. Since the start of the company, our culture has been co-created by every person who has joined the team, and it hasn’t stopped since. As every person is unique, we embrace the different personalities of the team and encourage people to be themselves, across all positions.


The Result

The result is a highly friendly environment that allows open and constructive feedback. Our culture is not only about being happy, in such fast-paced environment it’s also about being productive and we want to encourage everyone to be motivated to work to their highest possible standard and efficiency, this is the only way we will keep growing and have grown so quickly so far.

“I honestly look forward to coming into work every day, I started here in a junior position and have been supported in working my way up over the years and I’m now a head of a department I created” Sophia Evans – Head of Branding and Design


We embrace a high performing and collaborative culture by encouraging our employees to determine the culture, a work day at the office is full of collaboration and good vibes, even in the most stressful weeks. If someone has an issue, someone else will jump in and help, even if this person has got a high workload.


We’re a family

At Climb Online we are not just an agency, we’re a family. We work hard, but we play harder. The opportunities at Climb Online are endless from travel to creating departments, nothing is off limits. I even started here as an intern myself and have now been a full-time employee for nearly 2 years! Once you join us, my job is to make sure you will never dread Mondays again!


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