What is a Sticky Website? 9 Things you need to know!

What Is A Sticky Website?

Your website is very much like a high street shop, you want customers to come in and have an enjoyable experience, spend a good amount of time in your shop and eventually spend their money before leaving.

To make this happen you need to put time and effort into your website’s usability and appearance.

There are two key factors that would make a website sticky:

– The website makes users want to stay on it for a considerable amount of time.
– The website makes users want to keep coming back time after time.

The Benefits Of Having A Sticky Website

Making your website sticky has countless benefits, including:

– Users will spend more time on your website.
– It increases over user interaction levels.
– More social shares
– Growth in overall sales

How To Make A Sticky Website

There are many elements that need to be worked on to make your website sticky, this includes:

  1. 1. Professional & welcoming website appearance.
  2. 2. Clear & easy website navigation.
  3. 3. Focus on solving your customers problems and queries.
  4. 4. Keep your website & brand up to date.
  5. 5. Eliminate website errors as soon as possible.
  6. 6. Use a good mix of media resources such as video, images, diagrams and infographics.
  7. 7. Create user trust – This could be done via customer reviews.
  8. 8. Include clear call to action buttons throughout your website.
  9. 9. Make sure all the information is relevant and do not keyword stuff.

How Sticky Is Your Website?

To find out how sticky your website is you should be looking out for these key factors in your analytics:

– Bounce Rate – A lower bounce rate is preferred, the higher it is means more people are leaving your website too quickly and are not sticking around.

– Time Spend On Site – The more time people spend on your website the better.

– Pages Per Visit – You want your users to visit as many pages as possible on each visit.

– Loading Times – If your website has good loading times it will make it easier for users to access your site and will reduce the amount of bounced visits.

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