A Week in the Life of an Intern | Louie Cameron

If you want to gain the best overview of any business, experience all departments and sometimes have to do completely random things like pick up a TV, which is agency life!  Become an intern. I joined the fast-paced workforce of Climb Online as an intern on Monday 19th February 2018 and by the third day already felt as though I’d been here for much longer (in the BEST way!)

Introduced to the team in one of Mark Wright’s infamous Monday morning meetings, before being shown around to meet everyone individually and hear a bit about their roles at Climb Online, I felt comfortable and part of the team from the get go.

The key thing about being an intern is that you need to be asking for work and advice. Everyone else has their roles and are overrun with work most of the time and I’m sure it can be easy to forget the intern spinning in the chair. But as soon as you ask someone, they open up and it feels as though they have been waiting for you to ask about their role and are often more than happy to trust you with tasks, offering feedback and ways to improve. Sometimes you might feel awkward at the thought of ‘disturbing’ someone at their desk, but being assured that the environment here is very open for questions put my nerves to ease. And even if someone is too busy at that moment in time, a new date and time is set to make sure they can fit you in. This helped a great deal and allowed me to feel more comfortable in asking for work and questions to further my learning, not only that but knowing the work you complete will be approved by them with feedback to show how you can improve and better yourself is a great help.

My first day started with locating the office which was no problem after I had been emailed the previous week with all the details I needed, as well as a phone call as well for any questions. Climb Online’s London office is stationed in and overlooks Russell Square which has easy access to both Russel Square and Holborn train stations as well as different bus routes.

I was thrown into meetings, both with teams and clients as well as on and off site was a great insight in the on goings of business. Coincidentally the only previous experience I’d had of business meetings was avidly watching The Apprentice, and was also how I’d heard of Climb Online!

Other tasks included writing and photographing social posts for our exciting clients in various sectors as well as typing up notes which combined with meetings puts your organisational skills to the test, which was perfect for me as I love to be kept busy. And it was only my first day!

The fast paced working continued throughout the week and was (and still is) everything I had wanted from the internship (mine lasts for 2 months) and more! And I’m not just saying that for the purpose of this blog, if you are keen to experience the world of Digital Marketing and are willing to commit to learning, asking, getting on with work and taking on tasks in every area that Climb Online covers.

Having the knowledge that previous interns now work at Climb Online gave me the confidence that I will gain great experience here, whether it be for a future role here or my future career endeavours, not only through work but also with the right attitude to tasks and working life.

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