Valentine’s Day Trends 2019

Love is in the air… or is it?  Whether you celebrate Valentine’s day with a loved one or not, there’s no denying that as soon as Christmas is over the shops start stocking up on chocolates, toys, blow-up hearts and ahem special gifts for your other half. The question is, are consumers still behaving in the same way when it comes to Valentine’s Day?



According to the National Retail Federation, 2009 saw 72% of people aged 18-34 planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day, however, jump to 2019 and this has dropped to just over 50%, the numbers have also dropped for ages 35–54 and 55+. But before we start sobbing into our heart-shaped chocolates, this data alone doesn’t quite tell the full story.

Percent Planning to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Over Past 10 Years

Source: National Retail Federation

Sharing the love

Although the percentage of people celebrating Valentine’s Day may look like it’s on the decline, “a quarter who aren’t celebrating admit they still plan to treat themselves to something special” or spend time with other single friends if they aren’t in a relationship or buy a gift for a pet, family member, classmates or co-worker. Whilst, those who are planning to celebrate are spending more than ever with gift averages increasing by $60.

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Leaving it until the last minute

Although we’re spending more cash, according to research, in Europe we like to leave things until the last minute. Website traffic and sales start increasing the week ahead of Valentine’s Day which sees early flowers and gift purchases, there’s then a slight dip in both traffic and sales on the weekend preceding Valentine’s Day with a huge spike on Valentine’s Eve.

Source: Criteo 

Capitalise on peak search

This is the time to optimise your website for the most conversions with offers, pop-ups, product bundles and guaranteed next day delivery if possible.  We would additionally recommend running a Paid Social campaign with a stand out creative to hook people back in who may have abandoned baskets while doing gift research, with a clear CTA.

Are you celebrating with your loved ones this year and is your marketing ready for the 14th? For last minute advice contact us today! … (on the marketing that is)

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