Unique ways to attract links in 2021

Having backlinks to your website is so vital for SEO and can sometimes be the make or break. But 2021, a lot of websites and publishers of large sites have clocked on to SEO techniques and are not looking to sell them or give them away easily.

With this in mind, we give you unique but also successful ways that you can attract links to your website in 2021.

Finding Competitors Links

A great way to stay on-top of your competition and attract links is by seeing where your competitors have been getting them from – under the same logic that these sites are open to link placements for your landing pages. Using SEO tools such as SEMRush, you are able to see where your competitors have got their backlinks from, including the page, anchor text and the value of the link.

Once you have found this out, try and reach out to the same people and secure links of your own. If you see that your competitor has written a blog post that has got them a lot of backlinks, write one of your own on a similar topic. Then pitch this blog post to these sites in order to secure links.

By staying aware of where your competitors are receiving backlinks you are able to also gain those links making sure that you are never too far behind.

Using Social Media 

In 2021, using social media has to be a part of your link building strategy. Whether you are using TikTok, LinkedIn or Twitter, searching for links on social media is a great way to build your backlinks. We recommend using Twitter as your starting point.

Social media is full of journalists, websites and more looking for comments on posts that they are writing. If you believe your website can add something to the discussion jump in and secure the backlink.

As well as this, websites such as Help A Reporter Out (HARO) can be a great way for you to connect with people who are trying to write something about your expertise. Securing links from these journalists and news websites is a great way to build your website profile.

With the top results on Google’s first search engine results page (SERP) having 3.8 times more backlinks than those below them, securing those links across social media can be a great way to rise to the top.

Writing Very Specific and Valuable Content 

Many believe they have to do something extraordinary to achieve a lot of backlinks but often the simplest actions can do the most. Whether it is providing a clear statistic or answering a specific question, this will naturally collect links if you can secure the top position, including journalists who are looking for a quick statistic.

Our favourite examples include writing about:

-Specific question – see example

-How much is an industry worth + year

-What percentage of the population is ….

-What is the average cost for ….

-How many companies are there that …

-Is it legal to …. – see example

The more niche and specific you can be for an industry, the better. And be sure to make the blog post really detailed so it ranks well, including the use of bullet points, images, graphics, videos and more than 800 words to make it rank beautifully.

Look for Collaborations and Press Sections

You can be the gamekeeper turned poacher or the other way around and ask for expert opinions from around the industry to create really compelling blog posts. Executed beautifully by the likes of Databox, they regularly post questions and ask industry experts to write in and comment, creating a nice long, SEO optimised piece once completed.

Opening a dialogue with other industry experts and creating expert pieces will naturally accumulate traffic and therefore links – and if they have a press section, you can always request a link back to your site.


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