The Top 8 Digital Marketing Skills Your Specialist Must Possess

Did you know that blogs had 63% more influence on what people purchased as opposed to newspapers? That is a significant number.

However, it also suggests that the content on your blog needs to be convincing–oh, and you also need to have people reading the blog to begin with.

A good content marketing strategy may be just one of the elements of digital marketing, but it plays a significant role in connecting with clients.

However, there are other aspects of digital marketing, which are quintessential to online success. Here are some of the digital marketing skills you might need to look out for when hiring a digital marketing specialist.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is like the skeleton of digital marketing, and not in a spooky-Halloween type of way. This method of communication provides the framework by which marketers can package useful information and send that to subscribers.

In fact, this technique is what allows your readers to remember that you have a new e-course coming out, a new post to look out for, and possibly even another e-book they can check out; it allows you to keep in close touch with customers.

Without email marketing, digital marketing would be on life support so to speak. Clearly, you can see why your digital marketing agency needs to have this superpower!

Social Media Advertising

Let’s be honest, social networks have become a habitat for many for some time now. Social media has the potential to make your business dreams a reality, and the ability to squash them.

Having a proficient social media strategy is critical to achieving the goals you desire for your business. Whether it is marketing via a social media influencer or paid social media advertising, your specialist needs to understand how to harness the immense power of these social platforms to your advantage.

Hundreds of millions of active users flock to the social sites monthly. With a skilled digital marketer, you will be able to turn all this into great business.

Creative and Analytical Skills

The versatility of digital marketing is what makes it so interesting and fun! For many, its all about the fun creative side. This is fabulous! However, there needs to be a balance between creativity and analytical skills.

As you come up with a marketing campaign, creative content creation is excellent! But, one has to go beyond that. There is a science, which must take place, and it involves looking at numbers, analyzing them, making projections and going back to the drawing board if necessary.

You need to know that you are targeting the right demographic and that your campaign–or changes made to it are bearing fruit. Otherwise, you are just winging it.

Therefore be sure that your digital marketing team is capable of putting both these elements into perspective.

A Likable Personality

Digital marketing has a lot to do with relationship building. This is a big reason why when branding people will choose one person to be the face of the company and not another.

It even applies when working with an influencer too. People need to feel like they can relate and connect with the person. Having a likable personality is critical because if you are not capable of dealing with people in a manner that is pleasant and enthusiastic, it is going to be difficult to command attention from anyone.

Your digital campaigns will require a lot of pitching. As such, you want to ensure that the person behind the product or brand is not scaring your prospects away with an attitude.

Extraordinary Listening Skills

Great listening skills play a huge role in the success of a digital marketing team. Digital marketers have various ways of ensuring that they listen and react accordingly to what they hear from various stakeholders.

One of the parties a digital marketer needs to listen to keenly is their employer. This means understanding their business’ marketing needs entirely. By the time you are done with the interview, they should know what stumbling blocks you are facing, and have an idea of how to go about them.

Professionals also need to listen to what consumers have to say on different platforms such as reviews and social media.

Flexibility and Adaptability to Change

Just a little over a decade ago the number of mobile phone penetration was quite low. In fact, other than calling one of the best things one was able to use on the first smartphone was sending emails.

A lot of web searches are now done via mobile. Things morph quickly in the realm of technology. What works today may not be as effective tomorrow. For example, Google is constantly updating their SEO algorithms.

Which means a digital marketer needs to be ready and flexible when faced with drastic changes that might impact their overall performance.

Search Engine Marketing

The word SEO might sound mystical, even as though its something only web-savvy gurus should know. But, the truth is–it’s not. You can learn SEO in a week if you wanted.

However, it might take you a little longer to master it given that it is constantly changing. And that is where a digital marketer comes in.

If you do not have the time to keep up with all the changes or understand how to rank your site using all the different SEO techniques. You need to find a digital marketer who is brilliant and as passionate about SEO as you are about the success of your business.

Effective Content Marketing-More Digital Marketing Skills

This is the glue of it all. Without content marketing, there is no digital marketing altogether. After all, what would people share? Why would you need traffic?

In fact, there would be less number of websites and blogs. Content marketing is a critical skill, which your digital marketing specialist needs to have.

It has various components, which all blend together. If done the right way, and coupled with all the other skills, you have yourself an excellent digital marketer!

Wrapping up

There is a lot to learn about digital marketing. If you do not have the time to implement all you learn, you can take it slow and give the vital work to a professional team with the right digital marketing skills.

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