The Major Benefits of Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

There are over 7 billion people across the world using the Internet at any given moment. That’s billions of potential customers you can connect within seconds.

If you’re still on the fence about digital marketing, then you’re missing out on major opportunities for your business.

There are numerous benefits to diving into digital marketing. Many far surpass our traditional marketing methods. However, in many ways, they are still closely related to strategy and approach.

We have outlined the major benefits of digital marketing compared to traditional marketing in 2019! Learn why digital marketing may be right for you!


The term digital marketing refers to a variety of methods for marketing using a digital interface. This includes email marketing, social media marketing, and digital ad campaigns.

Digital marketing spans a variety of electronic media but is mainly used via the Internet. This allows you to better target your demographic and also study their habits and interests.

Once you break into digital marketing, you may feel overwhelmed at first by the number of options and strategies you can tackle. Let’s break down some of the basics and how they differ from traditional marketing.


When we refer to traditional marketing, we are usually talking about print ads such as in newspapers and magazines, paper flyers or brochures, print mail, radio and television commercials, as well as billboards.

Depending on your business, some of these methods may still yield impressive results. Which is why ditching traditional approaches aren’t necessary for all marketing strategies.

However, there are considerable limitations when it comes to traditional marketing mediums. Traditional marketing methods aren’t as easy to track as digital marketing promotions.

It’s harder to make sure your exact demographic is seeing your print ad and how well it is performing. If you create an ad that isn’t working well, you probably won’t know until the ad is completed. By that point, you’ve already spent a considerable amount of money on the campaign.

Traditional advertisements tend to be expensive. This limits the number of ads you can buy and also the length of time you can run them for. Plus, it’s impossible to know what time of day or the week is best for your campaign without realtime analytics.

These are just a few of the many ways that traditional marketing has its limitations.


In the modern world, digital marketing has taken the Internet by storm. With its easy navigation, real-time tracking, and in-depth analytics. It’s no wonder that many businesses are opting to forego traditional marketing methods all-together.

Digital marketing uses advertisements on websites, search engines, and social media platforms. The great thing about digital ads is that you can purchase multiple ads at once.

This means you can test different images and copy on your demographic to see which is performing the best. As soon as you notice one ad is outshining the others, you can remove them from your campaign.

This not only helps you save money but also allows you to learn more about your target audience. You can then use this information to create even better future campaigns or transform your strategy. This results in higher returns on investment and greater revenue.


Digital marketing is available to businesses of all sizes. Which makes it possible for small businesses to find their customers easily and within their budget. They are also able to reach a larger demographic through digital ads that go beyond their local clientele.

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing provides both targeted and blanketed campaigns that include detailed analytics of every aspect of your campaign.

You can track potential clients through every step of the buying process using pixels that are embedded on your website. Notice that customers are clicking through your ads but failing to complete the desired call to action? Take a look at the moment they exit the funnel.

Maybe your website could use clearer directions. Or maybe the checkout process needs to be easier. Without the detailed information that comes with a digital campaign, you’ll be in the dark about what caused a campaign to fail or succeed.


Geofencing is another example of digital marketing that exceeds traditional methods. This is when you are able to “drop” and digital pin in a certain location and create a campaign that markets to anyone withing a certain mile radius of that point.

These types of campaigns are effective in targeting people attending events. Geotargeting hones in further on people at the event based on additional characteristics.

For example, if your company has a booth at an expo that is selling to middle-aged women interested in natural remedies. You can advertise to anyone within a certain age range, gender, and with these interests to stop by your booth.


There are many benefits of digital marketing that are simply undeniable! However, you don’t have to completely throw away your traditional marketing techniques in order to reap the rewards.

Many of the strategies behind your traditional marketing are used in digital marketing. It just makes it easier to learn more about your customers and better meet their needs.

It is still important to maintain your brand and stay authentic to who you are as a company. Digital marketing helps you find the people who are looking for you and make valuable connections.

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