The Evolution of Emoji’s in 2019: Introducing the 'Pinching Hand'

The year is 2019, and while back in the 1980’s we may have expected to be living in space by now, or at the very least, being able to teleport to the Bahamas whenever we feel like it, we have something better… (no, not Ryan Air).

The newest additions to our much-loved emoji family have officially been unveiled and among the very important ‘Sloth Bear’ and ‘Brown Heart’, one new hand gesture, in particular, has gone viral.

The ‘Pinching Hand’ has been revealed and let’s just say, there’s a few things people are looking forward to *ahem* measuring with it.


The update is the sixth major rollout since 2014 and has mostly focused on representing a larger scope of people including gender and race inclusive couples and various disabilities.

Previous updates include multiple skin tones 2015, increasing the representation of women in 2016, emojis that were gender inclusive in 2017 and the all-important addition of more hair colours in 2018.

Credit: Emojipedia


The full range of 230 emoji’s are due to be released from April-December this year, so you may be waiting for a while to respond to that unwarranted Snapchat.

What Emoji’s are you looking forward to adding into your vocabulary? Tell us on Twitter!

Personally, I’ve always wanted a single emoji that tells friends I won’t be attending their plans. I feel like the Sloth Bear perfectly sums that up.


Credit: Emojipedia


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