“Stop sending me emails!!” - Email Marketing Mistakes Killing Your Campaigns

Are you trying to get email marketing to work for your business? We help you put an end to the ‘stop sending me emails!!’ rage with these simple mistakes you can easily avoid.

We all experience the high level of emails that hit our inbox every day. Some are just downright annoying and others may entice a quick skim before ultimately deleting.

But what is it about those few that actually capture your attention and that you read through from start to finish to see what they have to say? These often looked over mistakes could be the small considerations that you are missing in your email marketing campaigns…


1. The Hard Sell

Not every email needs to be forcing your offers and products onto consumers. Offering value is incredibly important and taking the time to learn what it is that your recipients are looking for and enjoy is a much more effective in growing your database.

For example, sharing relevant blog content or social trends offers recipients fresh material, which is interesting to them and is likely the reason they signed up in the first place, every time they see an email from you they’ll be more likely to click.


2. The Send to “All”

Nobody likes reading about something they aren’t interested in, and unfortunately not everyone is interested in everything your business has to offer. Segmenting your database is the way forward with email marketing as this allows you to pinpoint what each user is looking for from you.

Doing this doesn’t just help with content sends, offers are also more effective when they are being sent to users who are interested in that specific, product, service, event etc.


3. The [email protected]

Sending from [email protected] and [email protected] email addresses cuts off the opportunity for communication straight away. Sending from a name makes the email more personal from the off before it is even opened. This also decreases the likelihood of the email being picked up as spam (which shouldn’t happen when sending relevant emails to segregated audiences anyway!) from servers.


4.The Inescapable Subscriptions

Imagine a world in which you’re held captive and forced to accept email upon email…  Wait, that sounds like the world we live in, doesn’t it?

Well, simply make it easy to users to unsubscribe from your emails. There’s no good in making this difficult, as this may make the recipient angrier and will only be one extra person in your database to not open your emails. This could even escalate into them classing your emails as spam, being detrimental to the rest of your database.



Does ‘FREE’, ‘EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT’, ‘25% OFF NOW’, ‘SALE NOW ON’ look familiar?

Sends like these are quickly picked up by inbox spam filters, particularly if there isn’t a previous history/engagement with this contact, so all your efforts might not even make it into their inbox. If they do get through to the recipient, users are selectively blind to such subjects now that they often are left unopened anyway.

That’s it for tips in this blog, but let’s not forget about GDPR. However, we’re not going to get into that now.

With the number of email users globally set to grow to 4.3 billion users by 2022,  make the most of your email marketing strategy by avoiding these common mistakes. 


If you’re looking for further support on your email marketing, we would be happy to send over five quick tips for email marketing. Feel free to contact me directly at [email protected].


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