Start-up Business? Here’s 4 Different Ways to Accelerate Growth with Effective Digital Marketing

Today, there are more smartphone subscriptions than people worldwide, with the average user picking up their mobile device nearly 80 times per day. With this technology boom has come our need to be connected 24/7 – whether that’s via social media, email or WhatsApp.

For businesses, this is nothing but good news, as in the digital marketing arena we understand now, more than ever, how users are engaging with one another and with brands online. We know what channels are most popular, what marketing strategies work best and how to drive new customers and convert sales.

That said, here are four ways in which you can use digital marketing to accelerate business growth online:

1.Engage Target Audiences with Video

According to recent statistics, 8 billion videos are viewed on Facebook each day – with industry professionals predicting video will account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019.

Video is big, and it’s only going to get bigger – so whether you’re a start-up or established business it’s important to think about how you can make video work for you and your brand.

My top tip for businesses struggling with budget, is to utilise available tools, so that you can show some real personality behind your brand, and increase engagement via social media, email marketing and your website. From the new GIF app, to Timelapse, Boomerang or even Periscope, the iPhone comes with some excellent tools that provide the opportunity for some creative digital marketing.

2. Content Content Content

Ever heard of the phrase ‘Content is King’? Well, it still is, but the importance of content lies in its quality and relevance to your target audiences. The key here is to develop a content marketing strategy that understands how your target audience consume information, and which platforms they use and are most engaged with.

Aside from increasing the likelihood of your content being shared, a great content marketing strategy has the potential to position you as an authoritative voice within your industry sector – a voice that is followed and trusted by stakeholders, who will, in turn, engage with and utilise your brand.

3. Harness the Power of Digital Advertising

67% of internet users now click ads over organic search results, with 69% of searchers utilising their mobile device to call a business straight from Google search. What does this tell us? Although having an SEO strategy is important, implementing an effective Pay-Per-Click strategy is imperative – and ensuring your PPC ads effectively target mobile users is just as vital!

When creating your Digital Advertising Strategy it is also important to consider social media advertising and particularly Facebook. Depending on your business sector, Facebook could offer a much more cost-effective method of digital advertising, whilst still providing an excellent return on investment – particularly with effective targeting tools such as ‘Lookalike Audiences’.

4. Keep up to Date with Digital Trends

One of the latest digital trends to sweep the marketing sector is the use of ‘Voice Search’ – as more and more of us are now talking to our mobile devices through Cortana, Siri or Google, whilst calling on Google Home or Amazon Alexa when stationed between our four walls.

Understanding the latest digital trends will be instrumental in the success of your digital marketing strategy, helping you stay ahead of your competitors whilst allowing you to engage with your target audience through as many relevant digital channels as possible.

For the example of Voice Search, optimising content to support voice delivery is key, where content should be adapted to provide answers to ‘typical’ or relevant questions, whilst including phrases site visitors are likely to use in their speech.

Mark Wright,

Director, Climb Online

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