SEMrush Live 2018

Set at Tanner Warehouse, we were welcomed to SEMRush Live by a spread of ‘light up’ Aperol Spritz and SEMrush custom stirrers – very on-brand! It was a great opportunity to network with like-minded people in the digital industry and catch-up with the guys at SEMRush.

Once the event kicked-off, it was great to hear an in-depth review of the SEMrush toolkit as well as a mini quiz, enlightening us that Arsenal is actually a more popular keyword than Chelsea, take from that what you will… Coffee beat tea (165k to 33.1k) in the UK, whilst in India, cricket was searched a huge 5 million times compared to the mere 201k of searches in the UK, fascinating stuff!

We were also exclusively shown the new navigation system that has been implemented, which holds various toolkits. Then onto a brief look at competitor analysis, topic researching tools and the report builder before a humble brag of SEMrush being able to view and report on 4.4 billion keywords, worldwide!

Throughout a Q&A we had the opportunity to listen to 3 digital experts discuss all things SEO and SEMRush here are a few takeaways:

–  The tool can be used for competitor analysis to learn and understand the data before putting out products to differentiate from competitors. Boosting with keyword and topic research.

– The tool can be used over multiple markets and can be used to push ideas forward as it gives you the data backing you need.

– You can research the content users need, rather than offering “watered down content.

– The competitor research tool gives you the opportunity to keep your eye on the competition

What key thing should you focus on for SEO with your business?

– Technical SEO, pinpointing mobile first as well as voice which is all changing, make your site structure perfect now before these changes come into play, using the site audit tool.

Any advice for new users?

– Connect all data sources to the platform and then exploring features yourself to find out what matters to you and using this data to make decisions.

– Look for strategic niches, whilst moving quickly with Google

For the remainder of the night we were added to teams assigned by our event name tags and a quiz began! Of course one of the teams we were placed in won! Which was a great end to the evening.

Thank you to the SEMrush team for putting on this event, see you at Brighton SEO tomorrow!

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