It’s not about size, it’s what you do with it that counts.

One of the most frequent objections I get when chatting to various companies about online marketing is, they don’t think they are big enough to do online marketing or have enough money to afford it. However, in my experience at Climb Online, it’s the clients that have started off the smallest that have achieved the most impressive change in their businesses.

An example of this, one client started off at Climb Online with his last £500. His business is car repairs and he is based just outside London. Before Climb Online, he was advertising at Sunday football matches with flyers. He gave us his last £500 so it was really make or break for his business. Since joining he has grown to a scale where he is now doing 45 car repair jobs a month and is looking to hire his first employee. This is just one of a number of fantastic stories which our clients share with us at Climb Online. It is amazing to see how much online marketing can help a business, just by effectively putting your business on the map online. I see that it is having the goal and the drive to take risks that makes a business grow. Online marketing does seem like a bit of a leap of faith as usually you are giving up a relatively large lump sum of money and you are not guaranteed results. However, if you don’t take risks in business, you are going to find it difficult to grow.

How I see it, it is like a car, they come in all shapes and sizes but at the end of the day, they all get you from A to B. I see Climb Online as providing the acceleration for business growth. Online marketing when done correctly and effectively, is the lubricant that makes the car go faster. It is usually just a lack of confidence or willingness to take risks which causes a business to brake.

At Climb Online, we offer a lot to our clients in terms of customer care as we know that an investment is quite a scary process especially for small to medium sized companies. We have a highly knowledgeable team of consultants who look after our clients and regularly call/meet with clients to talk them through how their campaign is doing and also sometimes to explain how their campaign works. It is often the case that, some businesses have never considered online marketing more because they don’t fully understand how it works and thus the benefits which it can bring. That’s one of the reasons I especially like Climb Online as both the team of consultants and the Paid Media/SEO executives provide excellent support and teaching for these businesses. Lastly, with the financial backing of Lord Sugar, the Company Director Mark Wright, has been able to hire a very talented team of SEO and Paid Media executives which perform miracles on campaigns. So although an investment in online marketing might seem like a daunting prospect, at Climb Online you have a trusted hand to guide you through.

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