PubliCon September 2019 Takeaways

Last week, we hosted ‘PubliCon’ Climb Online’s 2nd Publisher Event. Twice a year, we invite our publishers down to Climb Online HQ to learn more about digital marketing, with talks led by our expert team. It was a huge success, the turnout was double that of our last event. Our Publisher Relations Manager Edwin Owusu-Peprah did a fantastic job of organising the event as well as being the founder of the concept.  

There were 4 speakers for the event including John Hutson (Head of SEO),  Lotta Eloholma (Head of Social), Danielle Scott (Business Development Manager) and Louie Cameron (Email Marketing Specialist).

1. Strategies to drive quality traffic using Social Media

Key takeaways:

– Above all Be Creative, users wish to be entertained, 80% of all traffic comes from video

– Create engaging content

– Social supports SEO through increased online visibility and traffic, increased authority brand recognition and finally broader content distribution and longer lifespan

– Make sure your social media profile is optimised

– Establish your goals

– Identify the right channel for your message whether that be Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or more.

– Know your audience, know your demographics

– Have a Facebook Pixel


2. How to create high-quality content at a pace

Key takeaways:

– Curation is a great way of creating quality content at pace.

– Curation is selecting, organising, and presenting (online content, merchandise, information) typically using professional or expert knowledge

– It attracts backlinks

– You are basically re-sharing content

Simple tips to write a curated piece include:

– Using a title that will make your target audience want to click, extracting a meaningful quote

– Showing thought leadership by annotating the curated piece of content.

– Share the content well. You can use Content Studio


3. Email Marketing Quick Wins, Strategies and Best Practises

Key takeaways:

– Email marketing is for Awareness, Remarketing, Customer Loyalty and Nurturing

– Make your readers come back again

Simple things to keep them coming include:

– Sending a Thank you Email

– Welcome new readers and subscribers

– Best practises are Opt-in and double opt-in, Making unsubscribe easy, personalisation, segmentation, reading your data like knowing which posts are getting the most reads

– Subject is King

– 1 message, 1 action

– Text always comes first

– Give before you take, make it more human, have dynamic content

– Track everything especially your clicks.



“After attending PubliCon with Climb Online I feel much more confident about what I need to do to get my website seen. I have already implemented some of the suggested changes and have seen improvements almost immediately.  I feel inspired to learn more”.

‘I found all the information really helpful and it has definitely made me think about my site and the changes I need to make going forward. I have already implemented a number of changes already. Please make sure to give me a shout when you next hold an event – I’ll be there!’’ – Sabina Green, ‘Deepmummymatters’ 

‘’Thanks for the email Edwin, it was good to meet you on Thursday. Overall I thought that the event was well put together and about the right length. I thought the SEO part was the most useful to publishers. I was impressed with John and thought he was super helpful. Just a shame he supported Chelsea’’ Nick Gibbens, Luxury Lifestyle

We hope you found this helpful! Keep your eyes peeled and be part of our next PubliCon event!

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