PR and SEO – a Match Made in Heaven

Once upon a time, search engine optimisation (SEO) and public relations (PR) existed as two different entities and offered different digital marketing features. But, with print and broadcast circulations and viewership’s of real time telly dwindling, these two disciplines can now sit in perfect harmony. 

More specifically, if you use online PR to support your SEO efforts, you can create a consistent, reliable source of leads which prove that PR does work.

The Digital PR Approach

The approach of organic SEO via traditional PR methods is in interesting one, and if you’re struggling to understand why anyone would cover their news for free, you may be missing opportunities. Opportunities, which at Climb Online we love to explore. After all sites such as the Mail Online – the most popular English language newspaper in the world – is posting over 500 news stories a day – content is king so if you have got it and it’s creative, interesting and valuable publications will want to feature it.

The concept is simple:

– SEOs have content

– The media need content

– Share the content

– And get the results

Creative, important and topical

But before you leap into the world of Digital PR you need to ask yourself this question: “Would I expect to see this article on the website I am sending this to?” There is no bigger bugbear for media than being sent irrelevant content which doesn’t fit the sites news sections or tonality. So, write well, check your facts and make sure the story is creative and most imporantly topical.


At Climb Online we have a range of relationships with publishers in a variety of industries, so if Digital PR is something you’re looking into, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

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