Pinterest Advertising: What you need to know about Promoted Pins

Pinterest, the visual social platform, ventured into advertising introducing promoted pins last year in the USA and recently launched this option also for UK business and advertisers.

But first, what is Pinterest?

Pinterest is the digital equivalent of an inspiration board, where users can browse visual content searching with specific keyword or categories and saves it (pin it!) in thematic boards. On the homepage, users visualise pins based on their interests or the users that are following. Users can also create content and share in on the platform and all the pins can include a link to a  webpage, so that’s what makes it really valuable for websites and brands as a source of referral traffic.

In terms of categories, Pinterest is quite popular for beauty, DIY, recipes, style and most of all for being every future bride’s favourite social platform and main inspiration source (raise your hand if you had a secret board well before even being engaged), but themes and pins are certainly not limited to these few interests as the platform defines itself as “The world’s catalogue of ideas”.

The platform claims 110 million of monthly active users, which spend an average of 98 minutes per month browsing and pinning. 71% of users are females and the most active age group is 18-29 (34%).

Promoted Pins

Pinterest, thanks to its immediate visual content, are considered by marketers a crucial platform and it is widely used by brands to generate brand awareness and referral traffic. Also, 93% of the users browse the platform to plan a purchase and orders from Pinterest on mobile devices has increased by 140% in the last two years.

What’s new is that now brands and business in the UK, USA and Canada can register with a business account and create ads as pins to promote, targeting a wider and most relevant audience beyond their current followers. Targeting options on Pinterest are very similar to Facebook and Twitter and include custom audiences (email list) and targeting based on interest, age, gender and location.

For the moment Pinterest offers three marketing objectives for its ads: Brand Awareness, Engagement and Traffic.

A Success Story: L’Oreal Paris

Beauty is one of the most popular categories of Pinterest and millions of user every day create boards on makeup inspiration to try or make up products to buy in the future.

L’oreal Paris has a strong presence on the platform and noticed that Pinterest users were not only browsing and scrolling the in search of inspiration but were actively pinning products with the intention to buy, creating a digital shopping list on their boards. For the brand, Pinterest is a crucial and ideal marketing channel and it is used to improve sales, create a community and promote brand affinity.

L’Oreal Paris decided to include Promoted Pins in the marketing strategy for the launch of his new product, the Lumi Glow Highlighter. For the brand, this was a launch in a new product category and the goal of the campaign was not only inspire users showing how the Lumi Glow Highlighter can accentuate the customers best feature, but also positioning L’Oreal as a leader in the market.

“With two different ad types—standard and Cinematic Pins—L’Oreal Paris was able to showcase the Lumi Highlighter to their audience, as well as educate them on how to use it. Standard Pins showed off the key features of the product, while Cinematic Pins used motion to demonstrate exactly where to apply the highlighter. Both standard and Cinematic Pins were used to display the variety of highlighter shades available.”

Cinematic Pins are a mobile, motion-based Promoted Pin format that animates when customers scroll.

The campaign targeted women aged 18-34 with the goal of associating the product to the highlighting trend and encourage purchase.  The campaign reached nearly 5

The campaign reached nearly 5 million people and saw a 20% increase over the average engagement rate, it raised purchase intent by 30.9% and improved message association (“I can use it to highlight my key features”) by 31.2%.  Cinematic Pins showed a particularly high increase in brand awareness and purchase intent, which increased by 37.2%.

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