Online Marketing Planning Tools – How to Make Your Business Successful

Search, Display, Remarketing, SEO, Social, Brand Awareness, CRO. Several channels and factors with a single goal: Revenue and Leads.

But how can we actually plan the best strategy to succeed in the complicated world of the Online Marketing?

Obviously, we can spend money buying expensive Analysis software or trying to imitate the competition but, is that effective? And, should I really spend extra money on these tools?

The best things in life are free and Google confirms this. Then let’s check out Google Analytics and the “Think with Google” Suite.


Google Analytics

It’s not a mystery and probably it is the most used Analysis software in the world. Google Analytics has everything you need to start analysing your business and it is free and easy to use (

Just place a piece of JavaScript into your website and you can analyse so many variables that you will forget about other tools for at least a couple of years.


Think with Google – Planning Tools

This is a free Google’s source for insight, trends and research in digital marketing. It provides several tools to plan the right online strategy (

Among these tools you can find:

Test My Site


It is an easy way for businesses to measure their site’s performance across devices, from mobile to desktop, providing them with a list of specific fixes that can help their business connect more quickly with people online.


Google Trends


It is based on search queries and provides you with data on users search trends, across the world and over time. The data goes back to 2004, so you can also see how trends have peaked and dropped, and it covers Web Search, Image Search, News Search, Google Shopping and YouTube Search.


The Customer Journey to Online Purchase (

It helps you to e

And if you want to go global:

Global Market Finder


It lets you leap over language and location barriers to search and compare keyword performance across the world, reaching over 1.9 billion customers and seeing where people are looking for your product or service.


Consumer Barometer


Explore how consumers use connected devices in their everyday lives and on their path to purchase, across 56 countries.

Start now to make your business successful Online or Call Us for a free consultation.

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