My BrightonSEO 2019

Climb Online love SEO, so every year at least one member of our team attend the world’s largest SEO event; Brighton SEO. This was my first time visiting so I was obviously very excited and I am happy to say that I was not disappointed! The only negative was that I could not be in two places at one time so unfortunately, I missed some great talks, however, the talks I did attend were fantastic and very informative.


I learnt a number of cool things from my first visit to Brighton SEO;

  1. A lot of people are interested in SEO!!! The queues were massive and the rooms were packed which is great to see so many people interested in SEO.



  1. Faye Watt’s presentation was all about e-commerce – Faye presented some fantastic insight into e-commerce with a number of interesting stats such as; a personalised homepage can increase sales by 7% and ad blockers hide secondary products on 26% of e-commerce websites – you can view Faye Watt’s slides from Brighton SEO here.


  1. In today’s competitive online space, social proof is vital. If you want people to trust your brand you need to actively seek reviews, the good, the bad and the ugly. It is important you reply to all of them in a professional manner regardless of the feedback given.


  1. If your website offers a shipping service, you should make this clear throughout the buying process and not hide it until the checkout stage. Many online shoppers avoid buying off websites that do not make this obvious, so it is worth reviewing your site to check this is the case.


  1. If you have an e-commerce website, make sure the checkout process is easy and smooth. You could be losing sales by making your check out process too complicated, during Brighton SEO it was revealed that 25% of websites don’t have a guest checkout option. By adding this feature could massively increase your conversion rates.


  1. Although the website is a great place for business, there is also an increase in online fraud activities. To show users your website is safe try to include security icons throughout (especially on your checkout) to help users trust your site.


  1. Despite Black Friday being months away, it is recommended you start preparing for it now if you haven’t already created dedicated Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages on your website. Recent trends show us this shopping frenzy is going to continue so it is worth investing time into it now. Right now, you probably won’t have any deals available or lined up, however, you could put a message saying sign up here to hear about all our special offers first and add these users to your database to reach through email marketing.



  1. Another talk I enjoyed at Brighton SEO was from Justin Clarke who covered Social Proof. He discussed the experiment carried out by social psychologist Muzafer Sherif who explored how humans are influenced by the behaviour of others – view them here


  1. An important factor was covered throughout Brighton SEO and this was about website usability and website structure, this can have major implications on your website’s visibility. In short, if a search engine finds it difficult to crawl your site it will stop coming back as often which means your website will start slipping down the search results and your competitors will take advantage. So, make sure your website has a smooth customer journey, the site is easy to navigate and the structure is easy to follow and makes sense.


  1. My Highlight Of Brighton SEO 


Was the talk from Areej AbuAli, who discussed restructuring websites to improve indexability (which I discussed above) not only was the presentation informative, it was also funny, which is rare in the SEO world. She described the purpose of why it should be done along with the benefits but also the many obstacles you may come across whilst making these changes and what she learnt from doing it – view here.

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