March 2018: How to make the headlines by piggybacking on key events

Piggybacking on the news agenda can provide a great way for you to start to get your brand noticed when you don’t have any key events or promotions to communicate to the media.

It can inspire you to think creatively while allowing you touch points with customers you perhaps haven’t had a chance to speak to before but without knowing what’s coming up, it is impossible to plan.

To help we have put together a list of interesting national days, events and activities to help you get organised and gain the maximum amount of column inches you can for your client or brand throughout March.

8th March – International Women’s Day

9th March – British Science Week

11th March – Mother’s Day

17th March – St. Patricks Day and Sport Relief

20th March – Spring Equinox (First day of Spring)

30th March – Good Friday


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