Which Instagram filters will get you the most likes?

Since Instagram launched in 2010 we’ve been captivated by Instagram filters and their ability to make our selfies look that little bit better. Instagram content now generates 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter, so choosing the right filter is crucial to getting those all-important double taps, but which Instagram filters get the most likes?

The number 1 Instagram Filter

According to a study by Canva the most popular filter globally is Claredon. Claredon strengthens shadows and enhances highlights and colours in your photographs, this filter works particularly well across the board but particularly when applied to minimalist images.



Here’s an example of “before and after” Clarendon filter:








The second most popular Instagram Filter

Juno comes in at a close second, strengthening the deep tones and colours of photos, to give them an added depth. This filter is best placed on street photography and fashion photos as it gives an urban and grungy tone to the photo.








The third most popular Instagram Filter

In third place is Valencia (a personal favourite of mine). Its yellow glow is reminiscent of 80s photographs all while brightening and adding a warmth to any photo. Valencia is versatile and works with most photos, pastel photographs work well and give a dreamy look when the filter is applied.







With this in mind, consistency is key to an engaging Instagram feed. Photos that compliment each other and remain on brand generate more likes. Tools like Planoly help you plan your feed effectively to ensure your images remain on brand.

Make your Instagram photos a work of art

Here’s some of our other favourites to help turn your Instagram posts into a work of art.

  1. Amaro: Helps to brighten the center of your photo and give your photos more of a vintage look.
  2. Mayfair: Warming up the colors of your snaps, placing the attention in the focal point of the image, with refined vignetting around the corners.
  3. Helena: Great way to add warmth to your image, It works well with portraits and with outdoor shots.

Are you surprised by the most popular Instagram filters? And are there any that you think we’ve missed of the list? We’d love to hear your thoughts, we’re very chatty over on Twitter, Facebook and of course Instagram – so we’d love to hear from you.

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