In-House or Agency – Why Choose?

I often come up against resistance from companies who either do not see the value or fear partnering with a digital agency would undermine their existing marketing team.

Whilst understandable, the potential loss to a business can be massive. A marketing manager or team even with some digital experience has so many additional responsibilities that digital tends to be neglected or set up in a basic way so that the automation software can do most of the work. Obviously doing something is always better than doing nothing, however in an ever developing industry, the need for a dedicated digital specialist is paramount.

Our reports have shown, businesses who are running their digital marketing in-house have been misspending up to 30%! So when success is determined by fine margins, this seems like an obvious oversight that should be rectified ASAP.

There are 3 main points to where the agency partnership value lies:

  1. Time
  2. Expertise
  3. Flexibility

Time is our most precious commodity and wasted time is tantamount to wasted money. I researched several job specs for marketing managers on Linkedin to see just how much responsibility one person can have. These are just a snippet of the responsibilities

  • Online/offline content creation
  • Team management
  • Proposal/Pitch creation
  • PR Management
  • Exhibition/Event planning
  • Social Media maintenance
  • Digital Marketing
  • Site management
  • Email marketing

This doesn’t include the internal communication, problem solving and general day-to-day demands.

Therefore; not only would provide much needed relief to often already stretched marketing teams, but actually add additional profit to marketing budgets. An agency team works across multiple verticals and has to ensure it stays on top of all industry developments. As a result teams can offer a much needed spring clean to your strategy!

If you have ever wondered if your marketing budget could go further get in touch and we can give you an audit on its current structure.

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