How to secure investment

At the beginning of February I was invited to share the story of Climb Online’s success at the Business Funding Show, where I also provided attendees with some top tips for securing investment. To date I have received a number of emails from start-ups inspired by this talk, so thought I would share with all readers of the Climb Online blog:

It’s all in the planning

Your business plan should be treated like the holy grail to investment, as ultimately this is what potential investors are going to review and take into account when making that all important decision.

Take your time putting it together, and create a pitching presentation at the same time, ensuring the two work hand in hand to effectively demonstrate what your investors will receive in return for supporting both you and your business.

There’s more to money than banks!

If I asked 10 start-ups where they think they could seek investment from I would predict that at least 7 of them would say the bank as their first port of call. The purpose of the Business Funding Show was to demonstrate just how many investment options there are available to both new and developing businesses.

When starting the investment journey make sure you do your research and assess which options are likely to work best for you and your business. For example, where one business may launch a crowd funding campaign, another may prefer the more hands on approach of an Angel Investor.

Sell the vision

Securing investment is ultimately a selling exercise, so you need to ensure you have a clear financial forecast with projected KPI’s to support your pitch.

Use this detail to sell the vision and show how your business can grow, what it can become and what your investors could expect to receive within the next 3-5 years.

Be confident

Investors are far more likely to believe and trust in you and your business, if you are confident in your approach and you should true belief in the future success of your business.

Be that strong entrepreneur with leading capability, able to drive your business forward and provide a return on investment for those who agree to support you.

Slow and steady wins the race

Securing investment takes time and is not something that can be achieved overnight. Prepare yourself for a long haul and potential knock backs – particularly if you are going down the Angel Investor or Venture Capitalist route. Above all else, remain confident and believe you will get there in the end – as a positive mind set is far more likely to get a yes than a negative one… providing you have the financial forecast to back it up of course!

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