How to Create the Ultimate Corporate Social Campaign

Social media is one of the most complex forms of media ever imaginable. There is too much information shared on it to ever fully count; more than 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute, for example. Facebook has a billion and a half users — nearly a quarter of the world’s population!

With so many people using so many different social media platforms, it can seem impossible to rise above the crowd. That’s why you need a well-planned and thought-out social media campaign. You can only succeed in such crowded platforms by thinking strategically staying focused.

At the same time, social media is about having fun with other people and enjoying each other’s company. Finding the line between having fun on social media and using it to strategically boost your marketing takes work. It can take a team of experts to identify the right way your company should approach social media.

Handling your social media presence well can decide whether your company succeeds or fails. Your social media presence is directly responsible for developing your brand and determining what people think of you. And to learn how to create a successful campaign, keep reading below!

Start Your Social Media Campaign With Clear Goals

Before you make your first Twitter post or take your first photo on Instagram, you need to know what you want. Your social media campaign should have clear and direct goals associated with it, to guide your company’s strategic decision-making. These goals can take a variety of forms, however.

Some companies may only be interested in building a following online, as a way to establish themselves. Other companies may want high engagement rates to help them refine their brand and generate customer interest. If your social media campaign is part of a larger marketing campaign, you may want to see leads and conversions as a result of it.

Wandering into the social media space without a clear idea of what you want to achieve will only hurt you. People will be able to tell that your company isn’t aware of what it wants, and you will lose business as a result.

Identify Target Demographics, Expand Into Psychographics

The first step for developing a social media campaign is to identify the kind of people you want to appeal to. For the most part, you want to attract people who are interested in doing business with your company. It’s up to you to find out who those people actually are, though.

They could be middle-aged men with high incomes, who have a specific set of values. Or, the people who want to do business with your company could be younger, with lots of disposable income and a different set of concerns. Your first step when making a social media campaign is to identify the demographic you want to build an audience with.

Modern social media marketing doesn’t stop there, though. After identifying the demographic you want to work with, you should identify the specific kinds of individuals your company will impact the most. Social media marketing technology now allows you to build a psychographic image of your preferred customer.

Building a psychograph will help you refine your social media strategy and connect with people on deeper levels.

Have a Clear Idea of the Brand You Want to Develop

Knowing the audience you want to attract isn’t enough. You owe it to yourself to ensure your company represents the things you want it to represent. You also owe it to your audience to make sure that your company stands for something worthwhile.

The things your company stands for make up your brand. Your brand represents your values, and everything people associate with your company when they think of it. It’s up to you to ensure that your brand is something you would want to be a part of.

Know Your Platform and Use it Well

Social media marketing means adapting your social media content for a variety of platforms. Some kinds of content work better on some platforms than others, and it’s up to you ensure it’s posted to the right place. For example, pictures and videos work better on Facebook than they do on Twitter.

Yet, if you need to quickly communicate with your audience or just want to chat with them, Twitter is the perfect place. New platforms, like TikTok, are also emerging every day, and each has its own complex expectations around content.

Understanding the different content expectations for different platforms is fundamental to successful social media marketing. And the way to learn what people expect from their platform is to use it yourself!

Be More Than a Company — Give People Company

Your company is more than an amalgamation of different teams working for profit. It’s something that brings people together through shared values and perspectives. Your company doesn’t just do business with people, it keeps them company.

Make sure people understand that on your social media pages. While being a clear and direct professional company can work for some brands, it doesn’t work well for others. People want companies they can connect with, in the same way as they would connect with another person.

There’s no reason your company can’t provide people with exactly that. To grow your company, keep other people company on social media.

Have Opinions, Share Memes, and Actually Use Your Accounts

Making your company approachable means eliminating the idea that it is a company at all. People expect companies to follow social media scripts and rarely stray from topics pertaining to their business. They expect companies’ social media accounts to be boring, even though they don’t need to be.

You can break the mould and bring your social media presence to life by using it as you would use a personal account. Don’t be afraid to share a few memes, or to comment on contemporary issues. Using your company’s social media in the same way as a person only helps it connect with people eager to do business with it!

Your Social Media Campaign Will Net You New Followers

Developing a good social media campaign takes expertise and skill. Navigating the complex world of branding, media representation, and content creation takes talent. Few companies can do it without reaching out for help, and getting help is always worth it.

Social media will elevate your company’s presence to new heights. It will help it build a reputation for itself, which can later grow into a fully-fledged brand. With a good social media presence, you can give your audience company through your company, connect with them on deeper levels, market yourself better.

You can’t do it alone, though. For help building a good social media campaign, reach out to us here. We will work with you to make sure you connect with your audience in new ways, and that you get as many followers as possible!

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