Happy birthday Google! Just where would we be without you...

27th September 1998. Who would have thought that twenty years ago it would be the birth of what would soon become a worldwide phenomenon?

Sergey Brin and Larry Page created Google in order to organize information on the Internet and help users find the information they were looking for. Google began primarily as a search engine, although has developed into much, much more since then and could be the reason you’re reading this now!


Google’s original premise was originally designed to be a simplistic, stripped down search engine. As the company has grown in ambition, so too have its search results. A survey conducted in 2017 stated that Worldwide, there are over 2000000000000 billion searches on Google a day, which translates to a staggering 1388888888 hits per minute. Pretty impressive, right?!


Google’s rise to power has seen them take over much more than the search engine market. Mobile Phones, Social Networking, TV, Radio, Navigation. It seems that twenty years down the line, Google has everything covered.


Here are some of the fundamental changes over the last twenty years that have played pivotal roles in the rise of Google as a commercial brand:

1998: Google releases a retro looking webpage with a contents index capacity of 25 million pages.

2000: Google’s addition of the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button as well as the addition of advertising space down the side of the page.

2001: Google controversially adds news stories positioned under the search bar. (The contents index is now 1,610,476,000)

2006: Addition of map previews and journey planners (First search engine to do so)

2007: Addition of videos from YouTube + Product results from Google’s shopping search.

2010: The ‘I’m feeling Lucky button is ditched!

2014: Google+ started infiltrating search results

2018: Happy 20th Birthday!

Reminiscing on just how impressive the rise of Google has been in a relatively short space of time, It is terrifying to even contemplate where Google is heading in the next 20 or so years. Let us all sit back and enjoy the ride.. wherever Google decides to take us.

Here’s Climb Online visiting Google HQ!


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Happy Birthday Google!

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