7 Graphic Design Trends set for 2020

It’s crazy how quickly time flies, and here we are now, already a week into the new decade! 2020 is set to reach new milestones in the ever-growing and evolving world of graphic design.

Here are the top 6 design trends to keep an eye out for in 2020;

1. Typography – Simple yet Bold

Typography is set to flourish in 2020, with designers favouring the use of a more bold and bespoke design aesthetic.

The rule of thumb when it comes to the thickness of the type is – the thicker the better. Designers are loving the use of thick typefaces, they are ubiquitous on posters, advertisements, logos, interior design and websites. However, when using this style of typography, less is more, as it’s better on the eye by looking simple yet sophisticated.

Star Boy

Source: Pikosy


Image Source: Inspirationde

2. Mixed Media

We saw a lot of designers incorporating illustrations with photographs in 2019, which will certainly be carried into this decade. This creative trend is reminiscent of the little doodle drawings we all used to scribble on the backs of our maths notebooks at school. When used in a graphic design setting, they add a fun, quirky and personalised feel to the design aesthetic, generating vast opportunities for creativity.

Collaging as well, has become a big element in graphic design. Just from cutting fragments of images and combining with text and illustrations, opens the door to new possibilities of unexpected scenarios and relationships amongst the graphic elements. Very much on the artsy side of the graphic design spectrum, Collaging has become a heavily favoured method of branding and advertising.

magazine design from purple words

Image Source: Purple Woods WordPress

eddy de pretto

Image Source: Design Agency

3. Organic Look & Feel

The trend of incorporating organic flowing forms, colours and materials in design, continues to grow immensely, as more and more companies are turning to an organic branding aesthetic to reflect their ‘new age’ eco-friendly, environmentally aware image.

fruit juice is good for your health

Image Source: Only So

mabel and joy

Image Source: Packaging of the World

4. Abstract Illustrations

Illustrations have become leading design features of a brand’s identity. The great thing about illustrations is that not one company shares the exact same design, but rather similar attributes and themes. However, as more brands have embraced this trend, the uniqueness and effectiveness of these graphic illustrations have somewhat begun to wear off.

Moving forward into this new decade, companies will be developing a more consistent branding identity that carries a bespoke, one of a kind, semi dream-like and imaginative illustrative aesthetic, highlighting their own individual uniqueness.

image design from feed inspiration

Image Source: Feed Inspiration

image design from the deep end design

Image Source: The Deep End Design


5. CyberPunk colour palette

2020 is set to feature more bolder and brighter colours than ever before seen in the world of graphic design! Overly saturated hues along with bright and vibrant colours will form the base of a futuristic design aesthetic for many young, hip, modern and trendy brands.

Building from Japanese urbanism, cyberpunk provides an outlet of raw energy, by incorporating splashes of bold, sharp colour to boost and enhance the world around us.

statue creative from behance

Image Source: Behance

wake up festival poster

Image Source: Radar Melang

6. Animation Sequences

Animation is one of the most important elements in bringing a brand to life. The continuous movement and interactivity within animation is key to bringing life to messages whilst also engaging the customer with the brand in a fun, creative and innovative way. Although an expensive investment in both time and money, motion graphics, when done correctly, can take viewers on a magical journey through the brand itself whilst influencing future engagement with the clients.

Nowadays more and more people are glued to their electronic devices, with almost one third of online activity being spent on watching videos. By including animated videos on your website, it’s an excellent way to boost your brands SEO by ranking them higher on Google searches, therefore making your brand more discoverable to potential clients.

7. Pastiche – Vintage is Now

Today, designers are crazed by vintage design from previous decades. No graphic design trend list is complete without mentioning Pastiche.

Much like the famous Katherine Anne Porter once said, “The past is never where you think you left it”, 2020 is set to not just revive one specific decade, but pretty much all of them! Something about the past intrigues us so much that we choose to relive it in our present. Vintage style that incorporates modern elements is set to be huge this year and is sure to stay well into the future.

mona lisa espresso ad

Image source: The Most Creative Billboard

magazine design from london met

Image source: London Metropolitan University

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what trends will be huge in 2020, however going from what we saw in 2019, the design field is forever growing so we are sure to see new and innovative design trends throughout the decade!

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