From The Intern; One Piece Of Advice That Changed My Outlook

Sami interned at Climb Online in the Autumn of 2019. His journey with Mark Wright began two years before at a networking event. Since that event, Sami has set up and runs two YouTube channels receiving thousands of views as well as interviewing famous faces from YouTubers to businessmen. Below Sami tells the story from his perspective…

In late 2017, I visited the University of East London to attend a networking event, which utterly transformed my aspirations and the way in how I can reach my future goals. Mark Wright, David Vujanic, Mim Shaikh and Robbie AFTV are all names that spoke and injected a new lease of inspiration inside me.

The Learnings

The same phrases and words were repeated throughout the night, almost like a broken record; however, there was a vital reason, it was the most important advice for anyone trying to pursue their goals. The night taught me to be myself, in being an entrepreneur and in life in general. I approached all the names nervously and asked for an interview; something I had never done before. All of those names agreed instantly, to my surprise and as soon as I got home, I without hesitation, emailed all of them; hoping for a response rather than expecting.

The following day, hopeful, every one of them replied without fail. Now, the gargantuan obstacle that was ahead of me was what was I going to ask them and how; something I had not even previously considered. I met all of them in a plethora of different locations, some including a Costa in Camberwell to the Climb Online offices in Russell Square all conveying the interviews perfectly. Every single one of them unique and fascinating, all stories so contrasting yet remarkable in all their ways which just furthered my enthusiasm and excitement for this new venture. These first few interviews were with YouTubers, TV Presenters and businessmen; all teaching me how to approach the different personalities and juxtaposing career paths. These four men helped selflessly, providing support in every way they could; whether offering valuable advice or even offering work experience.

The Interviews

The interviews came thick and fast in the immediate aftermath of the first four; interviewing YouTubers, artists, actors, boxers and Premier League footballers. Some interviews led me to doing interviews for different companies and in turn help to build other Channels; even whilst my own is still in its embryonic stage.  From the first interview to now, the setup has transformed astronomically from an iPad leaning on a tower of books to a set of established cameramen. This stemmed from not only a low budget but also persuading my family that this was not a trend but something I would love to pursue in years to come.

The Obstacles

Nevertheless, interviewing these personalities has not always been the easiest task and there have been many an obstacle; emailing close to 200-300 personalities and receiving responses from only handful is demoralizing and the lack of equipment hurt the quality of the videos early on, restricting how I would interview as I was quick to end interviews in fear of the equipment not lasting. Yet, these experiences, which still occur time to time, helped progress into a more confident, better interviewer as when the time came to upgrade equipment, I was much more assured when it came to conversing with someone on camera.

The Helpings

As I mentioned previously those first four interviews helped me in ways off-camera that I cannot explain, including work experience. Due to my interview with the founder of the successful Digital Marketing agency Climb Online, Mark Wright, I was able to spend a week in the agency’s office; furthering not only my knowledge on the digital marketing world but also picked many things up helping my Channel yet also completing another more in-depth interview with Mark; which exemplified and captured our progression perfectly. I indefinitely hope to further myself, in many channels including Video interviews but also writing for more established websites as there are many avenues that I have not even reached close in entering and hope I can.

I said to Mark Wright how I interviewed him two years ago when he had just moved into a new office, now Climb Online are set to move into an even bigger office; personifying the progression perfectly, one that I hope will be able to be captured in myself.

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