QuickBooks Get Connected Series | How to Find and Get Customers Online?

If you attended the UK’s very first Intuit QuickBooks Connect event in March 2017, you may have seen Mark Wright’s insightful workshop entitled: How to Find and Get Customers Online.

Missed it? Fear not, due to popular demand, Mark has now been invited back to support the much anticipated QuickBooks Get Connected Series, which debuts at Birmingham’s ICC next Tuesday, 10th October.

These workshops will span across the nation, finishing at the Newmarket Racecourse in Cambridge, with other locations including Windsor Racecourse, M Shed in Bristol, The Principal in Edinburgh and thestudio in Leeds.

Although the QuickBooks Get Connected series has been created with Accountants in mind, anyone can benefit from expanding their digital knowledge, utilising Mark’s top digital marketing tips to get ahead of the competition for 2018.

At Intuit QuickBooks Connect in March, Mark revealed how businesses can get the most out of their digital strategy, and multiply the leads they’re currently generating.

He began by dissecting Social Media, establishing its huge potential to promote brands online and reach large audiences. Various platforms, notably Facebook, generate accurate user profiles based on their likes and interests, as well as information they directly provide to Facebook, such as their relationship status and birthday. This information is vital and allows businesses to target their chosen demographic effectively. What’s more, social media provides businesses with an opportunity to interact with their customers on a personal level and receive instant customer feedback.

At QuickBooks Get Connected, Mark will be divulging what’s in store for social media in 2018; from chatbots to micro influencers, he will reveal how businesses should be preparing their social media strategy for maximum impact come the New Year.

In March, Mark also discussed the importance of Search Engine Optimisation, and the huge impact regularly updating and optimising your website will have on your business’ position in the search engine rankings. Having a strong presence on Google places businesses in a fantastic position to generate leads. 14.6% of SEO leads have a close rate, comparable to direct mail or print advertising, which has a close rate of just 1.7%

At the QuickBooks Get Connected series, Mark will continue to stress the importance of targeting keywords that are relevant to your business and integrating these keywords into your website’s content in a natural way. Building connections within your industry and sourcing authoritative and relevant backlinks to your website remains an essential part of SEO, and will have a positive impact on your website’s domain authority providing you adhere to white hat SEO tactics. Moreover, Mark will be stressing the enormous impact Google’s Mobile First approach will have on the business sector, and how you need to prepare your mobile website to maintain, or improve, your Organic presence.

PPC, or Paid Search, continues to grow year on year. In March, Mark discussed the various Paid Search channels, including Shopping and Display, and how businesses can build and manage their campaigns in a cost effective way. Mark will be building on this at the QuickBooks Get Connected series, revealing how PPC will start shifting to keyword-less targeting through the growth of Shopping campaigns and Dynamic Search Ads, and how businesses can effectively implement this into their PPC strategy.

The first QuickBooks Get Connected series event will kick off on Tuesday 10th October at The International Convention Centre in Birmingham. If you’re interested in talking all things digital with Mark and growing your business through innovative digital strategies, make sure you get in line early….We can’t wait to see you there!

For more information on the QuickBooks Get Connected series, please visit: https://www.quickbooks.co.uk/events/get-connected-2017/


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