Facebook's LOL platform, will it resonate with Gen Z?

If you haven’t heard, Facebook are building a “secret” platform called ‘LOL’, a platform within the Facebook app which will consist of old memes and viral content aimed at teems.

The question is… will this grip Gen Z or leave them cringing at the OG of social media, Facebook? This isn’t the first time Facebook have tried to grip Gen Z, here’s everything you need to know about ‘LOL’.

How will it work?

Facebook’s ‘LOL’ platform will pull in images and gifs from the top meme pages on Facebook, which users can react to, either “Funny”, “Alright” or “Not funny” according to a source. ‘LOL’ is currently being tested by 100 high school students who are the only ones to currently have access to the platform. Those who have had access to the platform have reportedly called it “cringey”.

Source: Techcrunch

Capturing the younger audience

This isn’t the first time Facebook has tried to capture the younger audience after the stat was released that only 5% of teens currently use the app. From Facebook stories to Lasso, the Tik Tok style app, none of Facebook’s attempts to capture the younger generation have worked to date.

According to TechCrunch “Users can filter the LOL feed to show categories like “Wait For It”, “Savage”, “Classics”, “Gaming”, “Celebs”, “School”, and “Stand-Up”, or tap buttons at the top of the screen to see dedicated sub-feeds for these topics.”.

Where are Gen Z?

Instead, Gen Z are opting to spend time on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat according to data, largely due to them being driven by visual content. Brands that want to win over Gen Z should focus on these platforms, largely focusing on visual assets that provide value to the user, such as, Tutorials, How to Videos, Vlogs and advice style content that creates a conversation and builds a relationship with the user.

Why the name ‘LOL’?

Let’s face it, whether we’re looking at fashion trends or games Nostalgia is cool. So, is the name LOL an ironic/nostalgic throwback to its inception in the naughties? Or does Facebook think that’s the language teens are using in 2019? After digging out the research Facebook released in 2015 when they announced no one was using ‘lol’ anymore we hope it’s the former. Check out the graphs Facebook released in 2015 below.

What are your thoughts on Facebook’s new platform, and do you think it will resonate with Gen Z? If you’re looking for social media support, please contact our friendly social team!

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