One or the Other – When Is ‘Too Much’ In Your Email Sends?

There’s the saying that ‘too much of anything isn’t good for anyone’, can this be the case with email marketing as well?

Yes! It can, and we see the line crossed far too often!

We’re taking a look into some of the most currently used email add-ons to see if they are really necessary for your sends. Before we even begin, we wouldn’t recommend using multiple add ons in one email send.

Countdown timers – This add-on can be a  very important feature in emails promoting sale deadlines, industry events and other time-sensitive occasions. The countdown timer adds a sense of urgency and curiosity for the user about the event you’re promoting. But beware, though compatible across most platforms, the countdown timer will be static images in Outlook and Lotus (although displaying real-time figures).


Video – Something we would never recommend including in an email send. Including these is not best practice, and rightly so, as many inboxes are not compatible with embedded video. This increases the chance of your sends heading straight to spam and become a waste of a send. Fear not, you can include a linked static image with a play button to go straight to the video as well as using gifs or animations for the same reasons as video alternatives.

Images – Images are great for emails, they make sends more eye-catching and friendlier for the recipient, as mentioned above they can be used to link to videos, you can include CTAs on them, which can make emails look visually more appealing. However, they do not always load automatically in mailboxes.

Because of this it is recommended to use some text above them, and be careful not to include an image that takes up the whole page, this could leave the user opening their email to see a blank space, which may stop them from continuing to read. Now, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of big brands do this, and we’re not saying it doesn’t work, but you can see the ways to use these efficiently especially in a B2B scenario.

GIFs – Not only are GIFs used almost everywhere on the internet, they’ve actually been around since 1987 and are supported by a huge number of browsers and email inboxes (if inboxes are updated to their latest versions). This makes them great for emails. There are also a wide range of ways they can be used and can be made from videos, which allows them to be used as (but not limited to) quick tutorials or call to actions.

Remember though, too much of a good thing can never be good and the same can be said for GIF’s, users may become accustomed to seeing GIF’s in every email and start to selectively ignore them so make sure you use them when needed!

Personalisation – In the world of today, everyone wants to feel unique in every aspect of their life. But the more personalisation you add into emails the easier to make a mistake, and this lays within keeping your database updated and complying with GDPR regulation.

These features for emails can enhance sends. But at the same time using too much of these can clog up the delivery of sends, increase loading time and decrease screen visibility for the recipient, less is more in most situations. Be thoughtful and sensible when taking your sends to the next level, with this comes one final point; jargon and cliche lines are not always the best to use. Remember who your audience is.

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