Eggscuse me Kylie Jenner, there’s a new Influencer in Town

We’re here to talk about the new Egg on the block! On January 4th 2019, an Instagram account was born with the sole intention of becoming the most liked picture on Instagram. And well… It succeeded. The question is, how and why?

We ran a poll to find out how many of our Twitter followers had liked the egg and a surprising number hadn’t heard of it yet, so we’re here to tell you everything you need to know!

What came first the influencer or the egg?

Is this an attack on Kylie Jenner? No. Is it an attack on Instagram’s ethos? Probably. The platform has become less about sharing genuine moments and more about sharing inauthentic content.


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Kylie Jenner the previous world record holder posted an authentic moment with daughter Stormi, which highlights the point that users are engaging with authentic un-edited posts.


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stormi webster

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Is the egg a metaphor for the “rebirth” of a new kind of influencer.

The key moving forward is authenticity. The Egg had one genuine agenda. One that 39M people agreed with. We’re not saying start an Instagram account about a Guava fruit and caption your mission statement. But the next time you post ask yourselves if the content is a close reflection of your business and the people behind it.

Keep it real. Capture the everyday moments that build the culture and ethos of your business. Earn the trust of your audience, don’t sell it. They’re no longer buying it.

The egg has sparked numerous memes and even PatrikStarrr turning himself into an egg. Whatever statement “The Egg” is trying to make, we’re certainly enjoying it

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