Drafts and Experiments: A safe way to make changes in AdWords

How many times have you got a new client, who had a running campaign that you would have loved to build from scratch, but it had some good data inside and it wasn’t wise to take the risk?

Well, at Google they knew about that and finally, in mid-February 2016, have launched a new tool called “Drafts and Experiment” with the aim to give advertisers the freedom to test new campaigns at ease.

The “Draft” tool

“Draft” is a button located at the top right of the page which let you prepare and review multiple changes before implementing them.

The campaigns can be literally duplicated and run at the same time without affecting the performance of the original campaigns.

The “Experiments”

Once the campaign has been duplicated, we can use our beloved “Experiment” button, to set up the changes that we want to test, safely…

…and when the experiment is over we can measure our results.

Measure the results

With “Campaign Drafts and Experiment”, we can monitor the results in two ways:

  • Compare the performance with the reporting scorecard

Scorecard automatically highlight the winning metrics and let us apply them just clicking on the dedicated button.

  • Evaluate Ad Group level performance

Monitoring the Ad Groups performance can let us understand how each ad group is impacting our campaign and help us to make decisions.

The “Drafts and Experiment” tool is not available on any account at the moment, but Google has promised to implement it worldwide as soon as possible.


You can find more info on the Official AdWords Blog.

What are you waiting for? It is time to get testing…

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