CLIMBCON: Creating A Business Event Buzz! – Part 1

If you’re hosting and organising an event, the main goal is to sell it out. Most event organisers would hide their secrets from the public, but we do things differently around here and are happy to share how we are selling out CLIMBCON

As you would imagine, ware using many different passages and methods to do this from our own channels to speakers and now we have added a free webinar to the mix. 

Mark Wrights first ever live webinar went from a brainwave to going live in under ten days. The plan was to use a landing page, email marketing and social media to build an audience for Mark to deliver and share his knowledge through the means of a webinar as well as promote our CLIMBCON event. This is how we done it. 

1. The Landing Page  

We needed a place to drive the traffic that we would be generating before we began.  

An A/B split test was used between two designs that the users could land on, both of which included a built-in form from WebinarNinja which users can sign up to straight from our page leading them into a funnel of reminders and information about the webinar right up until 30 minutes before when they receive the details to be able to join the webinar.  

Not wanting to give too much away on the page, we included a brief overview of what would be covered, especially focussing on the Q&A aspect as audiences always find this very valuable when given the opportunity with Mark. Social media videos of Mark speaking were included for users to see how key his learnings are for business. 

2. The Webinar Setup 

We set up our event on WebinarNinjathis software allowed us to send email reminders to those who signed up as well as a link to re-watch the webinar after its completion. It also enabled us to set up a CLIMBCON offer that would appear after 30 minutes of valuable content and lead the users to the correct page for them to redeem their discounted ticket. With a strong internet connection and backdrop, we were set after one practice run through. 

3. The Social Promotion 

Mark used his status on social media to promote the webinar through Instagram stories (which are very useful as users can just swipe up to visit the site and sign up) and posts, Twitter posts as well as video content on LinkedIn. This ramped up page visits and signups from the very start which created a buzz around the event. 

4. The Email Marketing 

Climb Online have a GDPR compliant database collected from our website as well as events which we are able to contact through email marketing. We spent time creating a send for each day of the 4 days leading up to webinar which went out to our database.  

We lead users through to the landing page by keeping the design and content similar throughout which linked with the landing page. GIFs also played a large part, as we could showcase Mark speaking in the emails without them being classed as spam (for including a video) and keeping them loading quickly as well as stand-out call to actions for the users to know the main goal behind them receiving the email. 

5. The Webinar 

Going into the webinar we had 403 signups, 187 of which watched the webinar live with the ability to ask questions first-hand. Mark gave his personal insight on growing businesses, mentoring takeaways, tips on generating leads and reaching your business goals for over an hour. The ticket offer brings us closer to the event selling out and gives us a nice foothold going onto the next strategies that we have planned. 

This is just one cog in the many turning parts to sell-out CLIMBCON in June. Tune back in for our full review and part 2 soon. 

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