Climb Online's First Influencer & Publisher Event

Here at Climb Online, we work with publishers and influencers on a daily basis, it’s a great way to connect brands and their consumers with engaged readerships and followers, whilst also gaining brand visibility through SEO principles.

On Thursday 21st March, Climb Online held its first Climb Online Publisher Event inviting influencers and publishers we work with on a regular basis to learn about the agency and offer digital marketing tips to help them develop their sites, brands and social media channels.


Run by our Publisher Relations Manager, Edwin Owusu-Peprah, we had a range of guest speakers from the agency and it was a great success. Among attendance were, Head Editor, Leah Sinclair from ‘The Voice’, Deputy Cultural Editor, Rosie Kelby from “The Upcoming” and Michelle Elliston, Editor of MyFashionLife” plus more!

The key takeaways are shown below.

Key takeaways:

Sophia Evans, Head of Branding and Design – Using Social Media to Drive Traffic

Sophia Evans

The importance of positive brand interaction:

Replying to comments on your ads and posts, positive and negative. Replying to negatives is more important. ​ Showcase your brand personality on Organic and Paid to build a connection with your customers. Appealing to the audience as they can understand your brand. ​

Be true to your brand personality wherever your placing ads or content. The customers that will like your brand personality will be the right ones. How are people talking about your brand, in a positive or negative way? How are people responding to your posts/hashtags and keywords? ​

The importance of the social media education funnel: When working with a blog/brand, it’s important that we focus on an educational funnel, as opposed to a one-off conversion focused message.​ Our aim with the funnel is to make people aware of the blog/brand and its benefits.

1. Awareness​
2. Consideration​
3. Convert​
4. Brand Ambassadors ​

Creative and innovative content is the most powerful, we call it thumb stopping content.


Christen Brown, Social and Creative ExecutiveWeb/UX Design Language

Be Mobile Friendly, mobile websites are essential for a successful business. Not only from a UX perspective but also from a SEO point of view. Choosing what type of mobile site you need is very important. It is either Mobile friendly OR Mobile optimised OR Mobile responsive.

Design Trends

● Gradient design is rising so you should implement it

● Minimalism isn’t going anywhere

● Functional animation will drive engagement

● Thumb- friendly mobile design. Navigation tools are moving to the bottom of our screens for an easier user experience.



David Mendonça, Head of Other ServicesEmail marketing

● Follow and abide by GDPR rules

● Personalization is key so segment your database – this makes each send more relevant to its audience and so will generate better results

● Don’t force people

● Subject is king – this draws people into opening your emails and can also be the reason it gets flagged as spam so make sure you get this right!

● Offer something relevant


SEOQuick Wins with Technical SEO for Bloggers

Duplication: Ensure that you are monitoring for duplication from internally on the website and externally on others. This should include monitoring the access options to the website including http/s and www. versions of the domain.

Website Speed: Speed is imperative to good organic visibility so ensuring your website is optimised correctly for mobile devices, images are compressed, CSS and JS are cacheable and minimised and not using social sharing plugins which take forever to load. Use Pagespeed Insights, GTMetrix, and Pingdom Tools to analyse the load speed of the website, and they’ll give you recommendations of where you can improve.

Internal Linking: Internal linking is imperative to ensuring a crawler can access all the important pages or posts on a website. Utilising internal link can also encourage your website visitors to visit other pages of the website, therefore helping to decrease the higher bounce rate which blogs can suffer from.

Mixed Content: With many websites migrating over to HTTPS as it becomes the new standard, we’re seeing increases in the number of websites where they’ve migrated but not completed the necessary steps afterwards. Simply buying a SSL certificate is not enough, you need to ensure that all elements of your website (images, css, js etc) are being served through HTTPS, and this also applies to any elements being loaded from an external resource. Even a single http element will render the page as not fully secure, and in some browsers prompt a message warning users.

Schema Mark-up: As a blogger, your content will be the core part of your website and ensuring that search engines are able to understand it fully is integral to succeeding organically. What schema allows you to do is ‘markup’ which sections are what, for example: the title, the main image, the author, the date published and reviews where applicable. To do this, you can use a variety of plugins, or be sure to check out the data highlighter tool in Google Search Console.

What people said about the event!

Rosamund Kelby, Deputy Culture Editor, The Upcoming

“Climb Online delivered an engaging and enlightening afternoon filled with great tips for growing your publication. Friendly, knowledgeable and passionate, the team offered us some great insights into positive brand interaction on social media, the latest web design trends, increasing engagement through SEO and the importance of nurturing client relationships through tailored e-mail marketing. The Upcoming have enjoyed building a partnership with the company and look forward to our continued collaboration in the future”.

Leah Sinclair, Online Editor, The Voice

‘‘Attending the Climb Online Publisher event was brilliant. I acquired a great deal of insight into SEO, web design development, using tools to see what’s trending plus more. The day was extremely thorough in providing insightful information tailored to what The Voice would need and assisted with how we will be developing different aspects of our business going forward.’’

Michele Elliston, Lifestyle writer/ Founder, My Fashion Life

“Even for someone like myself, who has over 15 years’ experience blogging, the Climb Online publishing event gave me new enthusiasm and a number of great ideas and fresh approaches to how I create and distribute content. It was so refreshing to get insights from such a broad range of subject matter experts and I’m already putting some of the concepts into practice to revitalise my online presence”


We’re looking to hold another event like this in September, are you an influencer or publisher we’d love to hear if you’d be interested in joining?

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