How we helped a local clinic become specialists in e-commerce

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the vision

Prestige Healthcare were on the hunt for a new agency to help them strengthen their clinical branding and expand their ecommerce revenue. Past agency experiences had left them disappointed and they were eager to find a company that was genuine in their desire to make their clients succeed. A colleague then recommended them to Climb Online.

We wanted to become a recognisable brand and to be at the top of Search Engine’s so we were looking for someone to help us do that. Our experience with other agencies was that we would get reporting and be told how many hours had been spent where but we would never see a proper face so it wouldn’t mean anything because it’s difficult to promote a product you don’t understand.

the insight

We worked closely with Prestige Healthcare to understand their business model and provide a digital marketing solution that was appropriate. The business specialises in state-of-the-art medical treatment and products from Shockwave Treatment to Bespoke footwear and Orthotics so we regularly spend time at the business. By getting to know how these products work and what they mean for a patient we can market them effectively.

Given the quick results the business was after and the e-commerce goals they had discussed, we worked to develop a paid media strategy focusing on Google search which has now expanded to include Google shopping.

Although Climb Online have a good reputation, the thing we liked was the human face of the agency and that they come to visit us. Everyone genuinely wants to get to know us and learn more

the result

Climb Online has successfully established and increased Prestige Healthcare’s online product sales in addition to expanding awareness of their treatment clinic and retail store locally.
Due to this growth Climb Online worked with the client to create a Google Shopping campaign in 2017 which generated 19 sales within the first 4 weeks.
Prestige Healthcare are now working on

Client milestones:

1.7 million searches generated
16K website visits through paid media
Conversion rate has increased to over 5%
28% reduction in CPC YOY
20% increase in traffic YoY

We have really increased our online sales through Google, we started with no orders and now have consistent sales.

the team

Dilen Patel

Dilen Patel

Head of Paid Search

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