How Great Communication and Collaboration is helping one technology company receive outstanding YoY mobile growth.

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the vision

NFC Direct are a global supplier of Near-field Communication products and passionate about all things Contactless. Their goal is to provide the very best technology, working to spread the Contactless revolution around the world. With their aim to become the go-to supplier for Near-field Communication products, Climb Online were challenged to drive traffic to their website, and improve their organic visibility.

NFC Direct were not only looking for a digital marketing agency who would be able to help them with their SEO, but also a company that they could work with and learn from.

We were looking for a company that we could have good communication with, a team that would allow us to bounce ideas off of, with the needed knowledge to help our SEO.

the insight

Our understanding of e-commerce and of NFC Direct’s technology helped us to comprehend the market and suggest ideas that would help them not only improve their SEO and revenue, which were primary goals, but also the performance of their site in general. Our combined knowledge and expertise in-house along with the great communication and collaboration that we have with Tom from NFC Direct, has allowed us to deliver great results and meet their goals.

The communication, the company set-up, and the knowledge the team has on what was needed for our site. We’ve seen a very good impact that has created a good SEO base that can only get stronger as time goes on.

the result

We have helped NFC Direct increase their organic visibility year on year. Since starting with Climb Online last year, we have seen an overall improvement of 68% in Sessions and 104% in New Users. We have additionally seen a huge improvement in their mobile traffic with their mobile sessions increasing by over 175%, and their New Mobile Users increasing by over 230%.

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the team

Edwin Owusu Peprah
Edwin Owusu Peprah

Edwin Owusu Peprah

Publisher Relations Manager

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