Business Advice we can take from The Beatles

Just after the 50th anniversary of the ground-breaking ‘White Album’, The Beatles continue to be one of the greatest bands to ever grace the planet. But how did they create the huge buzz back in ‘64 that the World had never seen before? The answer is marketing.

There are 3 main similarities between the Fab Four and your business that you can take forward to further your success within marketing;

1. Create a Brand

Most people would recognise the early Beatles from their matching suits, mop haircuts and their revolutionary jokey manner in interviews. They essentially created a brand, something that you need to create consistency across all touch points for your business.


At the time, The Beatles didn’t look or sound like anyone else and found their identity with the help of Brian Epstein. You can be the Brian Epstein of your business, create brand guidelines and ensure they are kept throughout the business and all outlets of the business to ensure quality control is met, and consistency is prevalent wherever seen.

2. Amazing content

During their time together The Beatles recorded a total of thirteen studio albums, played thousands of shows and had 17 UK Number 1s (let’s not even get into their American stats) and like all businesses, started small.

They pumped out a lot of content in a short space of time. Performing 6 hours a night in Hamburg in their teenage years allowed them to refine their sound and allowed them to be fully prepared to record their whole debut album in a one-night recording session.

Performing nearly 300 times at Liverpool’s Cavern Club in 3 years, they looked to bring each audience member on board at a time and it was their sound that secured the managerial mentor of Brian Epstein (spotting them at lunch in that very club) and everything that followed for them after that.

Engaging everyone in the business to create content is a great way to ensure regular output and a high standard of content being generated by your company.

3. Evolve with the times

You can’t sit still. Even if you are top of the game you need to look to push forward, even if that means creating and starting something new for yourself. Look at The Beatles discography and where they started with Please Please Me in 1963 to where they took us in 1970 with Let It Be and everything in between.


Don’t get caught up in current or past success, you always need to keep pushing forward in order to succeed and be leaders in your industry! Contact us today to find out more.

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