Brighton SEO 2016 - The Takeaways

Digital marketers from across the country and indeed across waters headed to Brighton on Friday to the UKs biggest SEO conference – a huge event, which takes place twice yearly. The Climb Online SEO team were of course there, to gain insight and network at the biggest gathering of digital marketing professionals in Europe.

If you missed it, the team have put together their top takeaways from the day:

Richard Tank, Head of Media Operations

Boost your Local SEO

Great Individual Takeaways

Sophia Evans, Head of Creative

Fundamentals of Video SEO

  • Videos rank and are blended within search results
  • If you can’t rank for text you may be able to rank for video
  • Videos increase time on a site by an average of 2 minutes
  • Video email marketing has an increased CTR of 300%
  • Having an image of the video with the link embedded means that people can click straight through to the video.
  • Make sure your content is great and promote it everywhere you can.
  • Titles should be at least 5 words long

Building Useful Audience Personas to Guide Your Digital Strategy

  • It’s only when we truly know our audience that we can create content which appeals to their needs and persuades them to convert
  • Ask yourself: Who do you sell to? Where are they based? What do they need? Why do they buy? How do they find you?
  • Customer surveys can be powerful, along with keyword research and related queries
  • Creating a persona can help you understand the types of terms your audience may be looking for
  • Personas are most powerful when we are able to empathise with them and apply our understanding of their needs to our strategy

Generation Z – Why should we care?

  • 40% of all consumers will be Generation Z by 2020!
  • We need to be faster, Generation Z care about time to result and spend 25% less time reading content than any other demographic
  • Generation Z are more likely to use a smartphone than all other devices and expect to be connected as a user to the result quickly
  • Speed up mobile performance – be fast, be mobile, be everywhere
  • App indexing – currently not being done by anyone in the UK! According to Google App indexing lets Google index apps, app indexing helps you re-engage your existing app users through Google Search, for both Android and iOS
  • And remember mobile-friendliness and speed are not just for Gen Z, they are also Google ranking factors


Sam Thomas, Head of Technical SEO

Featured Snippets

  • 3 types of featured snippets: Paragraph, lists and tables.
  • Higher search volume phrases more likely to have a snippet.
  • You don’t need to rank at number 1 to appear in a featured snippet.
  • Write and structure content for a snippet.

Crawl Rank

  • Crawl budget is based on IP. If you share you IP with other websites on a server, you are sharing a crawl budget with those other websites.
  • The more frequently a page is crawled, the more improved the ability to rank is.
  • Significant changes in content is an important factor in crawl prioritisation.

Greg Gifford

The top 10 local ranking factors:

  • Consistency of citations
  • Domain Authority of the website
  • Quality and authority of inbound links
  • Quality of structured citations
  • Correct Google My Business category
  • Physical address in the city of search
  • Number of google reviews
  • Quality of inbound links to the website URL listed in Google My Business
  • CTR from search results.
  • Quality and Authority of unstructured citations


Michael Ryan, SEO Account Manager

Feature Snippets

  • Look at potential ways your clients can increase their visibility through feature snippets. From research Rob carried out, adding images, numbers & structured data will give you the best opportunity of doing this.

Page Speed

Look at building more local links

  • Greg Gifford’s talk on local SEO was awesome. One of the main points I took from the talk was to look at building more natural local links for clients regardless of the authority. Although the website may only have a domain authority of 10-20, it will give great authority and be important when ranking against your rivals.

‘Don’t be an idiot’

  • Not all campaigns are going to be incredible successful. However Catherine Willarow’s presentation on PR fails gave great advice on what your plan of actions should be if your campaign doesn’t go as planned & receives negative feedback.

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