The Best Christmas Marketing Ads of 2017

It’s the time of year, where we anxiously wait and stare at the television, until the Christmas adverts from the retailing giants are released. Since John Lewis’ advert in 2011 ‘The Long Wait’, which featured a boy who couldn’t wait to give presents to his family, we’ve been captivated by Christmas adverts from a range of retailers.

From John Lewis, to Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, retailers are keen to maximise their marketing spend, and compete to create most emotive and talked about Christmas adverts. In fact, according to the Advertising Association spending on ads has jumped nearly 40% in just 7 years. But, has the buzz been worth the wait for 2017, we discuss the top adverts of the year so far in this blog.

John Lewis:

Statistically the most talked about and anticipated advert over the Christmas period, has been no exception this year. With the messaging of “gifts which brighten up their world”, the advert tells the story of the loveable Moz the monster who lives underneath a boy named Joe’s bed and comes alive at night.

The two form a friendship and play during the night leaving Joe tired the next day and Joe is given a night light to help him sleep, however (here’s the tear jerker guys), this makes Moz disappear. The advert has divided the nation and consumers are taking to social media to directly respond to the advert. Retailers are often using hashtags in their adverts to encourage users to share what they think.

Monty the penguin is still a favourite here at Climb Online, but we have to say Moz has grabbed our attention.


The Debenhams advert tells a modern-day Cinderella story, which is rivalling the John Lewis advert this year. The story follows a man looking for a woman he met on the train after he picks up her dropped Limited-Edition Stiletto (nightmare). He then takes to social media to try and find her; however, it’s destiny that brings them back together.

Debenhams are cleverly bridging the gap between traditional media and digital in this classic love-tail, are they perhaps looking to target a younger audience? Statistics show their customer base is largely over the age of 35 and Richard Cristofoli, Debenhams Managing Director of Beauty and Marketing, said: ‘The full campaign showcases our breadth of gifts for everyone.’ Further statistics representing age demographics for Twitter shows 36% are between 18-19, compared to 10% of 65+.

Marks and Spencer:

Marks and Spencer have collaborated with Paddington Bear in their Christmas ad, with the sequel relased in November 2017, Paddington Bear is hot property. Mistaking a Christmas thief as Santa, Paddington decides to help him to deliver all the presents he’s in possession of. M&S have captured Paddington’s naive and caring spirit with a humorous twist.

Marks and Spencer’s Managing Director quoted, “Paddington has enchanted children and families all over the world for nearly 60 years which is why we couldn’t turn down the chance to bring the wonderfully endearing, much-loved British character and his world into the heart of our Christmas campaign this year”.

What are your thoughts on the Christmas adverts this year? Join in the conversation with us over on our social media channels. If you’re looking to give your brand a sprinkling of festive cheer, check out our Christmas Branding Makeovers. 

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