An Interview with an Influencer

Here at Climb Online, we’re lucky enough to get to work with a tonne of social media influencers across a range of industries. But, with their busy schedules and their time being spent on creating double-tap worthy content, it’s difficult to to pin down a social media influencer long enough to get all the juicy details.

Luckily, we got the opportunity to speak with Ellie Woolf A.K.A @ ellie_showed_me, who runs a growing fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog and of course a thriving Instagram page. We met Ellie in a trendy café in East London, Ellie is wearing metallic gold boots, contrasted with a bohemian dress. In one of Ellie’s latest posts she said: “My Dad saw these boots at the bottom of the stairs and asked if Garry Glitter had stayed the night”. After we ordered our latte’s (a lemon tonic for Ellie) we jumped right into our questions!

Ellie, how do you go about finding or knowing what your audience wants to see?

I get a lot of inspiration from other influencers, but normally just post what I like at the time and find my followers respond best to my own unique posts.

How did this all start and what were the main obstacles at the beginning?

I’ve been doing this for 2 and a half years, it first began as a hobby but as it got more popular the main obstacle was finding the time to create posts which matched the aesthetic I had created.

Which influencers do you admire most and did anyone inspire you to start your page?

My biggest influences are other bloggers, mainly travel ones who create posts all over the world, they inspired me to start in the first place.

How do you balance working with doing your blog/Instagram?

I do my blog and Instagram work on the weekends and I work during the week

I know you started on Instagram before beginning your blog, why was this? And was it a big decision for you starting your blog?

I started my Instagram first because I wanted to gain an audience before creating a blog. It wasn’t a big decision because I knew I was always going to make it, however choosing a moment to launch was more daunting!

How do you decide whether or not to work with a brand?

I decide whether or not I want to work with a brand by seeing if their aesthetics and audience match mine. I would only work with a brand if it’s authentic and genuinely use their product or service regardless.

What’s next for you? And where do you hope Ellie Showed Me will be in 6 months?

I hope to continue growing but just take things day by day!

Where can people find you and follow what you’re doing?

People can find me on Instagram  or my Blog

Thank you for taking the time to catch-up with us Ellie! It was great to hear more about what life is like for a social media influencer. Are you a brand looking to work with authentic influencers like Ellie to promote your products or services? Get in touch with our social media team today at: [email protected] 

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