8 Things to Include in Marketing Email Newsletters

In the marketing world, there’s one strategy which everyone seems to think solves any marketing problem. With it, marketers get an opportunity to directly engage audiences and promote their company. And the strategy isn’t new at all, even if it’s about the news.

Sending email newsletters is a common marketing tactic organizations use every day. With it, they can directly inform their audiences about the company and encourage more engagement from them. Email newsletters can serve many purposes at once.

They can help drive traffic to your website or boost a unique brand. They can fundamentally impact the way people see your company.

Even they do have so much potential, most marketers haven’t mastered the art of creating them. Sending a newsletter isn’t like forwarding an email to a colleague. Newsletters take time and effort to create so that they resonate with the people who read them.

Crafting email newsletters is an art which only marketing masters can do correctly. To take your first steps towards becoming one and towards crafting an effective newsletter, just keep reading below!

1. Email Newsletters Deliver News About Your Company

No marketer wants their company to stay in the news every day. There comes a point when so much spotlight can harm the company’s reputation and damage its brand. Yet, it’s important for the company to inform its audiences about what it’s been up to and how they may be affected by company changes.

Newsletters help you avoid the spotlight while staying engaged with your audience. They remind your company’s customers that even if they don’t see you on the news, you’re still making it. And that sort of engagement generates interest in your company.

Through that interest, you can drive traffic, boost your brand, or generate leads. And if your company does something major, it can inform the press about it through newsletters as well.

2. Highlight Your Customers

Newsletters also generate a sense of community around your company. It reminds people that there are people just like them out there, with a similar amount of themselves invested in the company. Newsletters are a platform you can use to highlight this community and remind people they’re a part of it.

To highlight your customers, you can start by asking for submissions of content through your social media. A tweet asking for pictures of people using your product can net you hundreds of pieces of content. Then, you can just include that content in your newsletters.

You can also directly reach out to people as they naturally post about you on social media. Ask if you can use their posts for a section on the company newsletter. If they’re excited enough about your company to post about it, they’ll probably say yes!

3. People Love People, Not Companies

Your company is more than just a machine that makes products or services. There are people who work in it, with their own lives. You can remind people, of that through your newsletters.

Feature employees and managers in your newsletters to help give your company a more human face. You can ask them about how they do their jobs, or what they think about the company as a whole. When people read about what people who work at the company they love, they’ll respect it more.

It’s a way to connect deeper with your audience. Don’t be afraid to feature yourself, too! Your audience wants to know where their newsletters come from.

4. Educational Content Is Better Than Promotional

There are two goals in advertising: to inform and to persuade. The same is true for marketing.

When you send a newsletter, you’re informing your audience in the same way the actual news informs its audience. You’re engaging them by delivering something they don’t just want – they need. People need high-quality information to live their lives well, and with your newsletter, you can do exactly that.

People delete promotional content partly because it’s everywhere. Markets are over-saturated with deals and hooks, and people have learned how to identify and ignore them all. As a result of that over-saturation though, they desperately want informational content.

Crafting your newsletters to be about news, rather than promoting something, will give your company a better reputation. It will help give your company an image of something that wants to help its customers, not just sell them things.

5. Subject Lines Hook Your Audience

One of the most important parts of any email newsletter is the subject line. It’s the first thing people see when they open their email. It’s what audiences use to decide if it’s even worth it to open the email.

Make your subject lines interesting – treat them like you would a news headline. It should inform people about something, while also leave them wanting to read more.

6. Each Email Has A Single CTA

People compulsively delete newsletters from their inboxes partly because marketers try to achieve too much with each one. Most of the time, when people start making a newsletter, they want it to generate leads, inform people, and do a whole lot more at once. All that does is confuse and intimidate people, so they delete it.

Instead, each email newsletter should have a specific purpose. Start with a single CTA and craft the newsletter around that. That way, people will respond to it more than if you tried to do everything at once with your newsletters.

7. Sometimes People Unsubscribe

You work hard on your newsletters, everyone knows that. But, that won’t stop people from occasionally unsubscribing. Sometimes, they just no longer are interested in the company, or no longer need it for something.

You should never hide the unsubscribe link to keep these people from leaving. People pick up on behaviors like that, and it will contribute to a surreptitious image of your company. Your unsubscribe button should never be a prominent part of your newsletters, but it also shouldn’t be hidden.

8. Keep Up With Design Trends

As a marketer, it’s your job to stay up to date on what your market is up to. You need to stay ahead of the curve with anything, including your newsletter designs.

Embrace new design trends to remind people your company is keeping pace, or even excelling, compared to other companies. It gives people a sense of pride to see a company they love to lead their markets, and you can generate that pride just by staying ahead of different design trends.

Become The News With Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are such a popular marketing strategy for good reasons. They’re powerful ways to connect with audiences, and when your company resonates deeply with people, it can manage its image easily. Getting an email newsletter can be like getting a regular letter for some people – they get excited to see it.

Although email newsletters are powerful, they’re frequently written wrong. People don’t respect the power a good newsletter can have because they simply haven’t seen one before.

We’re here to change that. Contact us, and we will make sure your company connects with people on a new, deeper level through a variety of marketing techniques, including newsletters.

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