A Gen Z Perspective of Climb Online

As a member of Generation Z (the only generation who knows what it’s like to grow up with social media) walking into a digital marketing agency I thought there was nothing I didn’t already know about the digital world. After all, we’re the generation that can easily use an iPad before we can walk or talk. However, much to my surprise there’s so much more to digital marketing and online business than I ever imagined.



First Impressions:

It was 8:30 am on a Monday morning when I got my first taste of what Climb Online is like. I was introduced to the team in their infamous Monday morning meeting, which involves Michael the Commercial Director, asking members of each team to share their successes and news of the previous week to update everyone. From that moment I knew Climb Online was different, I had never seen such an open and colloquial yet professional atmosphere between colleagues.

Climb Online was my last work experience of the summer, I had done a few before this one. Therefore, I was getting ready to be sat at a desk with some papers to file and perhaps a few tea and coffee orders to deliver. Not really learning anything or feeling that I wasn’t really adding any value. This did not happen. Straight away I was given a tour of the office, asked about my strengths and the 3 things I would like to take away from this week; I was shocked. This was the first company that had really taken the time to not only find me work but to play to my strengths.


What I learnt:

It’s hard to sum up just how much I learnt at my time with Climb Online, from social media training to writing up reports for clients to even interviewing the CEO Mark Wright! I learnt it all. I may have only been here for a short amount of time but somehow, they managed to expose me to every area of their unique business.

Not only did I learn all about SEO and PPC and organic vs paid media, I learnt what makes a business successful (which is one of the best things I’ve taken away from my experience). Climb Online’s unique combination of professionalism with space for each employee to be themselves creatively and find what works well for them, is what has made this company flourish. As Mark says his business is not a “one size fits all”. Each employee is different, and this is recognised – not something I have seen very often.

In summary, my time here at Climb Online was hugely insightful. It showed me that not all companies are out of date and boring, which to be honest, as a Gen Z is a common view on corporate business. My view has completely 180-ed and now I’m excited at the prospect of one day potentially working in an organisation like this!



Are you interested in gaining an early insight into the world of a growing Digital Marketing Agency? Please contact [email protected] to see if we have any placements available.

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