A day in the life… of a Senior Climb Online Designer

As Head of Branding and Design at Climb Online, I work to drive the development of the Climb Online brand based on consumer insight, market trends and our positioning within the industry.

I additionally head-up our ‘Creative Climber’ service and work with several well-known brands combining my knowledge of marketing, graphic design, and branding to create visual materials and strategies in order to tell impactful stories and deliver measurable returns.

What you know about Climb Online: Free beer, flexible working hours and lots of extremely fun events. So, you may be wondering what a day in the life of a Climber actually looks like, don’t worry… I’ve got you covered!

6:00am: Wake up and check my phone, I’ve got a few WhatsApp groups with different teams at Climb and my notifications are usually buzzing by the time I’m awake (seriously, do you guys even sleep!). There’s always some chat around trends, ideas or fun things we have planned.

7:00am: Jump on the Victoria line and head to our HQ Russell Square! I like to use the wifi in between stops to catch up on emails and reply to WhatsApps.

7:30am: I like to get to the office early, which is great as Climb Online offer flexible working hours, where I’ll grab a cup of green tea and a banana and set up for the day. The office is usually buzzing even at 7:30! and there’s always people to bounce ideas off (…the morning people that is).


9:00am: I’ll join our company meeting led by our Founder Mark Wright, this is a great opportunity to be introduced to new employees, celebrate our wins and discuss the strategies and plans for our clients that week and any events we may have lined up. Mark also shares an inspirational story, ask him to tell you the one about the snake and the saw, it’s a good one. But don’t ask Jamie B to tell you the one about the crippled butterfly… Long story. P.s. they’re not always animal related.

9:30am: Plan out the rest of my day in my notebook, we keep track of where we’re spending our time to keep organised, so I find it easier if I give myself dedicated time slots and write them down, I’m old fashioned like that.

10:00am: Get straight onto Photoshop, my mothership, where I’ll continue to design any creative assets we’re working on for our clients and current projects.


11:04am: It’s our birthday week (extra, I know), so I’ll do a quick story on Instagram as the chocolate cake has officially arrived! I’ve given strict warnings to the team not to eat it before the Instagram has been taken. Because, priorities.

1:00pm: Still full of cake I head to a lunch meeting with my team at a nearby, very swanky, hotel to pitch ideas for upcoming brand launches with one of our clients, I order the Steak Tartare and a sneaky chips on the side, with a diet coke.

2:00pm: I’m back at the office and have a Skype conference call with one of our SEO clients, we’re currently doing a Digital PR project with them, so I discuss the UX work we’ve been completing and celebrating the fact that we’re going live the very next day!

4:00pm: I attend an excel training session from our Head of Social, Lotta, it’s a great opportunity to learn skills in areas that you might not be working in every day. As a creative person spreadsheets are my kryptonite slightly, but don’t worry! I’m improving, thanks to Lotta.


5:30pm: Myself and the team are heading to an event in Shoreditch, it’s at a cool new pop up, so we order Coronas (the Climber drink of choice) and network with business owners in a variety of industries. This is one of my favourite parts of the job! The networking not the Coronas, ahem.

8:00pm: Back in my flat and it’s time for dinner, my partner and I try and cook as many times throughout the week as we can, but on this occasion, it was Pad Thai Deliveroo, result!


10:30pm: I’ll watch a few episodes of whatever I’m binging on Netflix, and prep tomorrow’s outfit. Then it all starts again!


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