9 Exciting Benefits of Instagram Advertising

Did you know that there are over 1 billion active users on Instagram? If you’re trying to reach a wider audience for your business, it’s the perfect place to advertise.

Social media is prime ad space and if you’re not using it to promote your business, you’re missing out. There is so much potential on Instagram alone, so it’s time to start using it.

There are so many great reasons you should start using Instagram paid advertising, so read on for 9 of them.

1. Enhanced Targeting

One of the greatest benefits of using paid advertisements on Instagram is that it allows you to target your audience more precisely.

With it, you can target your customers by location, interests, demographics, behaviours and much more. This means that your advertisement will appear on the feeds of your exact target audience, increasing the chance of making a sale.

It’s a great tool to take advantage of and you can customize your audience targeting and monitor the results.

2. Boost Brand Awareness

Another great reason to start using Instagram paid advertising is to boost the overall brand awareness among a wider audience. With so many active users on the platform, more people will become aware of your brand.

When people recognize your brand more and more, it builds credibility and helps you gain trust from your target audience. Around 80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand account, and these users will be likely to shop with you.

When you post eye-catching and engaging content, these users are more likely to follow you and stick around.

3. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Lots of people use social media to vent their feelings about a brand or ask a question to the people who work there. Using your Instagram account as a way to connect to your audience as well as advertising your products is a great tool.

You can respond to user comments and provide a personal touch to your brand. Nobody likes to be ignored when asking a question online or receive a clearly automated message back.

Providing real feedback will make your customers feel valued and this will help boost your brand credibility.

4. Stay Ahead of the Curve

Social media is always evolving and adding new features, and Instagram is always changing to meet user demands or improve the overall experience.

Instagram is always changing as a platform, and Instagram advertising is always adding new features. These are designed to make the process of Instagram advertising easier and more informative.

With things like Story features, IGTV, insights, enhanced targeting and more, there are always new features to help your brand. Other platforms don’t offer as many features and might not be as easy to use, so you can stay ahead of the curve.

5. Track Your Campaign’s Success

When you’ve set an advertising campaign on Instagram, you don’t need to just sit and wait for results. You can track the success of your campaigns in real-time and gain insightful information that can help you further.

You will get access to analytics that will inform you of which campaigns get the best engagement. It will also tell you how many converted into sales and leads, and how much you’ve spent/made on your campaign.

This means that as you keep using Instagram paid advertising, you can make changes to get better results.

6. Build an Organic Connection to Your Audience

You’ll find that you won’t always have to pay for audience engagement. When your brand posts engaging content, people will like and comment on your posts.

You can post things you know your audience will like and use the engagement results of each post to find out what your audience does and doesn’t like.

This means you can tailor your posts to suit the tastes of your target audience. Use these insights to grow an organic audience connection and make your brand more credible.

7. Fit Your Budget

One of the best parts about Instagram advertising is that you can use it no matter what your budget is. You don’t need to drop thousands of dollars to make an effective campaign, you can pay less and still reach a wider audience.

Instagram uses a pay-per-click model that means you will only have to pay if the user clicks on your post/goes to your website/makes a purchase. If they don’t, you won’t pay anything!

Of course, you will need to adjust your expectations if you’re spending a lower amount. But it can still be a very effective way to advertise your products and services.

8. Become Memorable

The thing about Instagram that makes it stand out from other social media platforms is that it is a visual platform. The content focuses on photos and videos and isn’t so much focused on the text.

When your post appears on the feed of your target audience, a good post will stick around in their mind. Following a particular theme on your account will make it more likely for users to remember your profile and it will make an impression.

When people remember your brand they will be more likely to come back to your account and this can help convert into a sale.

9. Use It for Other Aspects of Marketing

Instagram advertising provides you with a lot of information that tells you how well your campaign is performing. These insights are valuable not only on Instagram but across the board.

These insights can influence other aspects of your marketing campaigns. You can help make them more successful both online and offline using what you learn on Instagram.

It will help you grow your brand profile on other social media platforms. This cross-promotion will help you reach a much wider audience.

It’s Time to Start Using Instagram Paid Advertising

Using Instagram paid advertising is a fantastic way to reach a wider audience, boost credibility, and convert more sales. This is one of the largest platforms in the world and that means you can reach a larger audience than anywhere else.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to start making your Instagram ad campaign now!

Need help with your social media campaign? Get in touch and we can help you get started.

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