5 Unique Website Designs in the Music Industry

Bands and solo artists are of course known for their music, but many musicians are now utilising digital to connect with their fans 24/7 and a strong website has become a key signifier of their brand. Websites are an ideal place to share tour dates, behind the scenes photos and details on upcoming albums, keeping fans engaged even during downtime. The music industry is saturated so standing out is key and these artists certainly haven’t shied away from being front and centre.



Get ready for an 80s flashback as first up it’s Blossoms with their arcade style website layout, which includes 2 built-in arcade games, a cartoon zine as well as pixel versions of themselves in their bio section. The interactivity of this site keeps you wanting more, and their band’s branding is carried out throughout, making it instantly recognisable as Blossoms, even on the external areas such as the store, mailing list sign-up form and podcast area.



RATBOY burst onto the scene around 2016 and not long after created the pathway of band websites with his still current site. It allows you to lead the frontman around, finding features and links as you go along passing references to music videos and releases. His ‘scrapbook’ feature shows a take on social media and how he is using it in a fresh layout available for fans on his site. For someone who designs his own merch and artwork, there’s no doubt that Cardy took full control over the design and idea for his website.


Paul Weller

A veteran of the UK charts and a career spanning over 30 years, Paul Weller’s website differs from the flair of the younger groups as he keeps his simple yet slick and effective. Weller, known for his style almost as well as his music lets his website be the hub of his past and current endeavours with simple navigation, social links and lots of imagery (although I imagine he has never even seen his own site)


The Horrors

As we mentioned at the beginning, band websites have a lot more freedom than businesses when designing their website – and The Horrors’ layout is not something that our SEO gurus would recommend. A playback of their recent video plays on a continuous loop with simple links to their album, socials and mailing list glow bright green when hovered over.


The Rolling Stones

Not only have the Stones been emulating the classic rock n roll sound for decades, the group have also perfected what seems to be the classic website layout and functionalities as well. Keeping it responsive with each tab fitting the page perfectly, a sticky header to allow easy navigation and striking designs which updates with every new album/tour aesthetic keep The Stones at the top of the website game too.


We’ve touched on the surface on some of these chart-topping groups features. Other features that have caught our eye is from the New York-based group The Britanys who had a live chat on their site where they could speak and answer fans directly, this then migrated into an auto-generated chat which responded based on what you typed and could lead to hidden sections of the website including a; behind the scenes video, Spotify playlist and interactive racing games to link with their song releases.

Which features do you wish you had the creative license to use?

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