Gmail Marketing - 5 Tips to Optimise your Email Marketing

Did you know?
Gmail is now the most used email client in the world.

Do you consider this when sending your email campaigns?
You really should.

With Gmail leading the email client market share for the first time ever (overtaking the Apple iPhone by .2%) we wanted to delve into some top tips to land your email marketing sends into the primary mailbox tab.

Points one and two can be joined together, and almost contradict themselves if not explained.

1. Avoid email blasts if you want to have more opportunity to land in the primary folder, ‘but this is why I’m here, for my email blasts’ I hear you ask – fear not!

2. Simply segmenting your database to make it more relevant per send and user-friendly, with smaller groups, will help break through this barrier.

3. Connecting your database CRM to Gmail can also help with this (and can be completed relatively stress-free) which makes the send appear more personalized as well (which we’ll get onto later) and so helps prove your legitimacy to the server.

4. Keep images/gifs/heavy accessories to a minimum when using mailing software. A great way to keep your emails looking good whilst staying lightweight is to compress every image/gif in your send, this helps the send load quicker – allowing more information to be send quicker and passes spam filters much easier than a heavy send.

5. Personalization is key with all email marketing so it will be no surprise seeing this on the list. Adding in the users name, segmenting data based on interests and products bought etc are great ways to make emails feel more personal to recipients and helps them feed through busy inboxes.


Keeping to these simple tips will help land your valuable email efforts into the primary folder of your databases inbox. Now it’s up to you to wow them with the subject to open and take action!


Good luck and as always, the Climb Online team are always here to help.

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