5 Hacks To Optimise Your Social Media Marketing

The best social media marketing hacks make the content better, faster or more effective. There are websites dedicated to teaching others how to apply the right growth hacks to their content. You can find SEO hacks, engagement hacks or in this case: social media hacks.

If you own a small business, are an entrepreneur launching a start-up, or even a marketing pro, there is still a lot to learn. If you really want to grow your social media, you need to follow a few steps.

Here are 5 hacks that can help you fire up your social media and get results fast!

1. Focus on Content Curation

Creating a good piece of content requires research, writing, and optimisation. Curating content helps you share more complex types of content with your audience.

Infographics, for example, are great because people enjoy sharing them. Learning how to design infographics isn’t complicated either. Websites like Canva help you make relevant infographics for free.

Focus on thought leaders and industry influencers and add your own insights. Invite the source of your content to the forefront and use sites like BuzzSumo to see what’s trending. Always consider your audience so you can select the content that fits.

If your content is sparse, curation is a great way to diversify your social media. Some of the most successful brands, such as iTunes and Red Bull, reportedly post several times a day. Keeping up with the demand for different content will get you the results you want.

2. Keep Your Followers Engaged with Exclusive Content

The growth of social media heavily relies on how active your followers are with your brand. The more engagement, the stronger your online presence. Your followers are the ones helping you get returns on your investments that you want.

An engaged follower can convert into a brand ambassador when treated well. They are also more likely to comment and share your content which positively affects your social media presence. Show your appreciation for their engagement with exclusive content.

You can invite your “VIP followers” to build their following by writing a guest blog for your website. Look at their posts to learn what interests them and use that to influence your curated content. You could also offer discounts, rewards or other incentives if they share or comment.

3. Follow Your Instinct Over Social Media Marketing Rules

There is advice everywhere on the internet on social media growth and how to hack it. While much of it is solid advice, you should use more of your own knowledge and instincts of your niche.

For example, a social media marketing rule is that you should have customised posts on every platform. That’s a logical social media hack but it does not always promote growth. You can post the same content on each social media platform and still be successful.

Relying on both your experience and data to determine your approach to social media is essential. The point is to have conversions and not only traffic. The latest social media hacks might drive traffic but does not guaranty conversions.

4. Work With The Right Influencers

The cold, hard truth about social media is that some likes, shares, and comments are more valuable than others. Thought leaders and industry influencers may link to your content, share your posts, and add comments are good for your brand. You will need to grab the attention of the right people to drive more traffic to your content.

You could become one of their prominent followers to work with. Reach out to influencers and let them know that you will share, link, engage and promote their content. Ask if they are accepting guest blog posts and offer some insightful content.

You should also be inviting influencers to work with you on your content. If you’ve created longer-form content like an Ebook, ask influencers for a review. Collaborating with a popular influencer can bring their audience towards your content.

5. Have a Strategic Social Media Strategy

Having a haphazard approach to social media marketing will not get you the results you want. Your ROI will decrease significantly and your goals get lost in the dust. Unfortunately, many marketing professionals and small business owners aren’t aware of this.

Start by defining your target audience as well as their values and interests. Establish guidelines to ensure that you are always on-brand. You should also determine which social media platforms work best for your niche market.

Integrate this social media strategy into your big-picture marketing strategy. Establish a social media strategist or a team as a point of reference and set company policies on social media participation. You should be setting goals and means that measures success.

Determine which technology solutions you should use. Keep things organised in an editorial calendar. And get feedback from a marketing consultant before investing in any social media marketing tools.

Once your social media strategy is established, review the information on a regular basis.

Bottom Line

When approached correctly, social media growth is guaranteed for your business. The right social media marketing can help increase your audience, establish authority within your niche, and help build your social media presence. Apply the techniques that we’ve outlined and finally get the results your brand needs.

The more effort you put into your social media growth, the better your chances are for better conversion and higher sales. For more information on building your online presence and social media hacking, check out more on our blog!


Reach out to our social media team if you need help to get the most out of your social media marketing.

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